So many questions, so many answers, but somehow there's always more questions. (Introduction)

So my name is darkwolf, I can also be called Justin Case and I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a while, trying to grow and understand my true self and at the same time live my physical life comfortably without the common trade time for money (currently struggling with this part) and I ended up here. Initially I was literally at the point of “well if I become a God of time, I won’t have to worry about any of my current problems” and become a living God made the search query. Few days and now I have this amazing resource, but my original request has been set aside, (Mainly because of the question is it even possible) to see if I could get money to fix my problems. But everything I see requires me to have a space for myself and I end up just pushing the idea to the side and trying to get the answer to that morallity question. Now I’m still in the beginning stages of everything, minimal knowledge of my chakras, weekly lucid dreaming but somehow blocked from astral projection, and some history in love and weather spells. So my main question is, Is there any way I can send my consciousness to a specific date in the past to correct my mistakes? And failing that can I do magic to help me get a place of my own and in doing so gain a personal place to do more magic? Sorry if this was a little incoherent I always have so much on my mind and it’s sometimes hard to make it all make sense.


Well…it was a bit of overwhelming emotion and energy. You reeeeaaaally need to take a paper and make a list of priorities. Then see what things magic could be applied to.
As for time-magic…I believe anything is possible, but I think it might be incredibly complex. Often, those mistakes we make lead us to where we need to be. If you fixed your mistake, you might not see BALG and learn magic.


What is the it that you’re referring to?

I’m wanting to go back and continue with my current memories.

As for priorities, my main priority and something I think magic can at least assist with, is to get my own place.

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Welcome to the family, also you name is a pun so i like you just a bit more lol, for real we’re glad to have you and if you need anything dont be afraid to ask

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

You cannot physically travel back in time to change events. Magick does not work like that. However, retroactive magick can effect the memories of events. If you would like to know more about retroactive magick and how it works, I highly recommend the work of Taylor Ellwood, and his books on Space/Time Magick.


Your posts energy. I feel energy and emotion via posts/online comms.

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Retroactive magick? I’ll have to look into that, thanks for the reference.

I know not physically, but if I could in the astral and connect with the past version of myself, or send a message, idk.

Thanks I’ll remember that.

Well the reason for the post had a lot of emotion. But I’m hoping that this will help me be a better magician, maybe become more than just a mundane magician.

More questions: In order to evoke a being such as Naamah, would I need to be able to astral project well (at all)? Regardless, is it possible to be binded to my body (astral body stuck in physical body) and if so what could I do to fix it? If not then I guess I just need more time and practice.
Lastly and also among the first questions, could I become a God? Who’d I have to seek out evoke or make a pact with?

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No. Evocation and projection are two separate things and are not necessary for each other.

Yes, it is possible to be bound. However, just because you have a difficult time getting out of body does not mean there is a binding upon you. You would need to do a divination to confirm if there is indeed a binding and who did it. Then you can work to remove it.

You are already a god. You just don’t realize it yet. Magick helps you to discover this. There is no specific spirit to make a pact with that will suddenly confer godhood upon you, but every act of magick you do is the unfolding of what you already are.