So, Lucifer wants coffee

It’s been awhile since I spoke with him. I’m pretty sure I was infatuated with him as a tween - what 2000’s emo wasn’t? - but overtime I stopped reading every single thing about him and eventually just moved onto other interests regarding spirituality as a whole. It’s been years since I seriously contemplated reaching out or doing something to show him I appreciate his place in my life, as fleeting as it once was.

So color me surprised when I’m scrolling through lunch options and distinctly “hear” via Claircognizance that Lucifer wants a coffee (as I’d initially decided not to get one). I know it’s very silly to mention, but I remember reading about demons who occasionally ask for things. The difference is I hadn’t called on Lucifer for anything. He just…showed up as if he had the keys to my apartment. XD

Have you guys ever had demons, spirits, angels, etc. just show up wanting things? If not, I’m pretty sure I’m officially losing my mind.


it wouldnt be so uncommon i think maybe, however you have to make sure its actually Lucifer and not some random annoying spirit

I have enough defenses set up around my home to prevent random intruders, and usually prevent liars to boot.

ive read on here that lucifer can be also kinda a jokester, overall hes a fun chill guy i think when hes not being serious or teachlike, so if you have a history with him, why wouldnt he pop up for a chat after a while maybe no? maybe he got an important thing to tell you, that is assuming you didnt get tricked by a random spirit


Working with Lucifer and in return to asked him if I could do anything in return, he asked for an angel food cake with a rose glaze…


I’ll be sure to go over the house with some sage or something just to ensure things are safe on that trickery front, but overall I think you make a valid point. I just hadn’t thought of us as friends, I guess. Maybe acquaintances but- I dunno. I suck at judging relationships that I have with beings. I always seem to downplay things subconsciously. So it really came as a shock to me.

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That’s amusing (and sounds delicious as hecc!).

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I’m going to make it tonight.

Yes. I was drinking some of my favourite cider, and Belial just randomly piped up that he wanted some. Or rather, he demanded that I “gimme some.” :joy:


Firstly, YES.


Welp. Lucifer is getting the most sugary frappe he’s probably ever had. I added all the extras and some espresso to get me through the next six hours of work shift. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I’m about to consume some alcohol, it doesn’t take an evocation to get Hecate to come in and experience it with me. Or Belial. Or…you get the idea. Usually, I’m about to call out to them, but every so often, they do want to experience something or want an offering for whatever reason.

Leviathan wanted an offering of sea salt, water, and (would appreciate) a drop of blood in it. I was to let it evaporate outdoors. No idea why, but why not?


Azazel wanted one of my small batch root beers that I buy myself for a treat when I was working heavily with him. So it’s not uncommon. Also Brigid likes coffee with real cream and honey.


Turns out that coffee had 50x the normal amount of syrup they usually put in it. I can’t tell if they screwed up my coffee or if Lucifer was all, “Bitch you want sugar I’LL SHOW YOU SUGAR!”

Suffice it to say, most of it is his now. I can’t stomach that concoction that McDonald’s decided to call coffee. XD


Ah, the beauty of Intent…

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In regards to the sugar? Or in regards to me being crazy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Neither! Sometimes, despite our genuine intentions and efforts, LIFE gets in the way. They still appreciate honest intentions, thankfully.

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Ah ~ yeah I told Lucifer I’d try again tomorrow and not add the extra stuff. x3

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Hope it works for the both of you this time :slight_smile:

Yup , you’re on the right track .

Your doing good lol I’ve not been asked for something random…at least I don’t remember…but lue did show up on my door step(not really) he came to me physically pulling me out of a dream just to talk…yeah…so don’t feel off your doing well