So, Living in a household with a religious zealots?

So here is a little backstory; I live with three christians and two of them are religious zealots. The other one just happens to be on my face about stuff. I constantly get these pity looks and conversations about them being worried about me. Appearently I´m going to hell for being who I am or whatever. So, I have started to weaken the influences of the christian god, in the household. Christians(hardcore) annoy me greatly. Now, so far I have only gained curses by doing that but whatever really. This is going off road anyways.

My point is this; Whatever your situation is, you can deal with. I recommend working with Belial and Asmoday for situation like mine. There is always a way out but sometimes it requires things that you wouldn´t want to do such as protecting yourself from christian sent curses, if need be.


Or you can just move. Or banish them by having them move.


Well said.

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If I had a bunch of Christian roommates that were very conservative I would have a field day. You can tell them anything about the craft and they’ll believe you. You have no idea how many Christians honestly believe that Satanists summon demons with Pentagrams.

I would prank them so much. “Accidentally” leave imaginary ritual tools in the living room and claim that I was dedicating it to Satan. Buy a pet snake and claim that you’ve possessed it with a demon and at 3 AM every morning it tells me people who are going to die, anytime someone dies you can say your snake told you. And then a few weeks later be like, “My pet snake said that Satan is going to kill you tomorrow.”

The possibilities are endless.

Slava Bogum


LOL That’s hilarious!
It is interesting how they attach so much power to Satan, Demons and the ‘Dark Realm’ so obviously they believe in it and by doing that are saying in a way that they think their christian god is weak in comparison…and likely suspect that he just doesn’t really give a shit about them.


Facts I’m planning on moving out I live in Muslim house hold that don’t actually practice there faith ,for the sake of not being kicked out or cutting ties with my family (or worse get sentenced)
I’m saving up to move out to my own space where I don’t constantly have to hide my tools or perform rituals with constant anxiety what if someone walks in (no locked up rooms up in this building) ughh
And I’m thinking on working with belial on this matter can’t lie I’m really excited :slight_smile:


No kidding, guess who got caught yesterday? It wasn´t pleasent in the least I have to admit.


To be honest he is weak and the reason for that is that the only thing he sends dominantly is curses.I mean, I Iike sending curses but doing it all the time when it isn´t wise, isn´t wise. And it gets boring so I personally do curses really seldom if at all. If I got penny for everytime the christian god has tried to send curses towards me, I would be a rich man indeed.

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Yeah, I could do major pranks. I usually prefer to deal with situatuion swiftly and effectivelly rather than attract atttention with pranks. Though that would be a good way to cover it up.

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Not in my experience. Many fundamentalist Christians are very deep into what they refer to as “spiritual warfare”, where they use the power of God to stop the power of Satan. I’ve seen some pretty effective spiritual warfare, for example, with Christian missionaries to Haiti, a bunch of Christians praying around a place where Voodoo is being practiced can prevent the Loa from appearing.

I do believe that Yahweh and Jesus are very powerful, but that doesn’t mean that what the Bible says is true in any capacity.

While funny I would be cautious, with the rise of shootings and internet groups who think they found the satanists in the media it would not be to much if a stretch to think they may call the FBI or police. Some shooters are linked true or not to satanism and the occult.

This here is an example, while people who can pic up on the kek will know it’s a joke, others might see it as “a voice in my head (aka the snake) is saying you need to die” and they could lock you up.

Remember that we are dealing with some people so buried in their belief that they would not see the light no matter how much truth is shown to them, this also adds to the negative attention and misinformation about black magick. Not trying to be the moral police but it is worth a mention.


I live in Canada, and here you can’t just be thrown into a mental health institution simply for possessing a mental illness. There are many of people with schizophrenia, depression, and many other mental illnesses that are walking the streets of Canadian soil. It’s only if you are a danger to others or yourself because of your mental illness, or if you are unable to cope with it and live a functional and productive lifestyle.

Me saying that I believe my snake speaks to me and predicts future deaths, as long as I’m a law-abiding, functioning member of society, while eccentric, quirky, and probably crazy, wouldn’t qualify a trip to the local mental health institute.


I kinda have this problem but not really anymore and here’s why, my wife’s family is, well for a lack of a better term, trash. They are the biggest hypocritical in your face Christians I have ever met. I am talking, knowing you worship different gods and spreading rumors about you and constantly shoving the Bible in your face. Luckily my wife does not act or think the same way they do. I was never one to take shit, I have always stood up for myself and I always will. To get them to stop I would just attack them when they started in, verbally anyway. It took me threatening to smash there teeth out of there head for some of them to get the message. I would never suggest that. I did it because I knew they would not do much about it. People warned them about it and they finally learned. Whenever they bring it up, I call them out on all there hypocrisies(super easy) and reminding them that they go to church and that’s not what god would want you to say or do. It works every single time


Nice, it sounds like you have hanldled the situation really well.


As well as I could you know

At least it didn´t get any nastier

So, there is something that I do that I call “centering”. It’s not centering as commonly referred to in the occult or New Age. It’s simple yet extremely powerful. We don’t always control our circumstances, but with the proper mindset we get through anything.

Note: when working with the LHP, we deal with truths and realities. If any of the following does not jive with your paradigm, better find another method.

I close my eyes. I realize that I am the center of my universe. I am axis mundi (axis of the world). In fact, I am axis omni (axis of everything). Everything and everyone revolves around me - like planets and moons around a bright star. They receive and reflect my light - my divine light, for I am divine. I am a god. What significance do these revolving satellites have compared to my glorious and divine nature? How can they affect me? How can I let them affect me? No; I am the center, I am god, my god, and everything and everyone else are all secondary. Their importance and significance is only as much as I give them, nothing more and nothing less.


Sounds like a good method

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Good old Canada.:slight_smile: that is good to hear, I live in the USA and I am always fearful to an extent that I’ll be thrown in the loony bin.