.. So like what all succubus/Incubus can do for you magically?

Okay so let’s say if your in a relationship with a succubus or Incubus how can they help you on your path of ascent? What all stuff magical related they can help you with?

They open your astral senses


Being a little empathic I’d hope they can teach a little bit of vampirism. We feed and this is a core thing that has always been in my belief a bit. Energy vampyrism. Whether its riding the wake of a runner in front of you or drawing energy from a crowd to building up something else. Sexual vampyrism is one but even drawing from the sun and the moon and the earth, fire, water, air seems like a possibility. But is that really vampyrism and not something else?


Oh I didn’t know that thanks!

I believe they can…I think EA made a video about that.

Teach you whatever they individually learned to do in their time.


They can do “the whisper”

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