...So like how does Evoking your Ancestors work?

So like how does Evoking your Ancestors work? Do I just say “Ancestors I evoke you” not out that but if Ancestor(s) is that like Evoking legions?

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It is most common to ask a psychopomp entity to bring you into contact with your ancestors. Once the initial contact is made, then your ancestors may give you other ways to call upon them.

Bune can be asked to do this.

Ancestors aren’t generally evoked though.


Oh, I see thanks!

Jason Miller has a nice ritual for something like this that I adapted for use. Miller’s is much more in-depth than mine.

I don’t evoke them as I would Hecate or Belial, who are also invited, but send out a call to them to come and enjoy the offerings I am leaving out for them.

I do have a fair amount of preparatory (internal) work I do for it where the intent starts getting set, if you will. It’s not as involved as invoking a Deity the first time would be.

Hope it helps.


Psychopomp Deities: Hecate, the Morrigan, Veles, Hermes, Cernunnos, Odin off the top of my head.

There’s also working with the shamanic lower, middle, and upper worlds is another way.


Love Jason Miller’s work. I believe the part you may be talking about is in the rite of general offering (at least I know there is a spot in this for it, which I typically add to). If I remember correctly there’s something about it in his book about protection and reversal magic as well.


It is! Outstanding book. I recommend it a lot for the ease of use and due to it being Hecate-based. I didn’t want anything to do with Angela in rituals when I first went LHP, so finding his book was quite helpful.