So last night I was visited

I was laying in my bed with the lights on, when I happened to look at the wall on the other side of the room. There was a spider just kinda crawling in circles on the wall.

Anyways, after I noticed it there I got up to take a picture of it to share with a friend. This was about the point where it stopped moving and started watching me. At that moment, I could feel a presence at the edges of my senses. I went to a different area in the room. The spider turned and watched as I moved across the room, and then again when I went back to where my bed and laptop were.

It wasn’t just that it was looking at me, it was that the thing turned so it would keep looking at me no matter where I moved in the apartment.

As for the presence I felt, it felt like it didn’t really like me, but at the same time it didn’t feel like it was going to act against me. I did some divinations that supported what I was feeling. I have no idea who was watching me, but it was a little bit unsettling.

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I would say dig into which forces/spirits have ties to spiders. Id you cant interact with them freely then they tend to lead you to them in some way if you go looking.

I agree with looking up some spirits. Spider goddesses are a good place to start. The ones I can think of are Lilith, Arachne and the Fates.


It is said in ancient mystic Judaism spiders are REPRESSED subconscious things. Something inside that you’ve kept secret is calling you. This would be my interpretation.