So last night, I did an Invocation

I didn’t do a normal invocation. I did a permanant invocation of the Moon.

I felt the power flow, and the process of adjusting to the boost in strength, as well as some other minor things, made it difficult for me to get to sleep, if only because I was still adjusting.

I haven’t yet discovered all the changes, but judging from past experience, it shouldn’t be too much different from before, assuming you disregard the power boost.


Invocation of the moon like the energy of the moon, the intelligence of the moon, and or the spirit of the moon?

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Mainly energy and the Moon’s sphere of influence. I immediately noticed energy flowing into me, I believe that my astral senses will be a bit more sensitive, I also suspect that my dream recall will be stronger. I know that my instinctual/intuitive abilities have grown a bit. I also suspect that I any magick I do involving water will be more potent. I haven’t noticed much change in the mental side of things (just a slight increase in the strength of my emotions when I feel them), but I’m keeping track of the changes.