So, is EA blocking everyones personal messages?


Due to E.A.'s busy schedule, he’s unable to do free personal consultations anymore. For years he charitably took time to answer lengthy emails and inquiries, even phone calls, without asking for any energy or payment in return.

Now that our project is growing by the thousands, we’ve had to shut down secondary communication channels (like forum messaging), and funnel inquiries through these major venues:

  1. Book a personal consultation with E.A.

  2. Submit a request at our help desk

  3. Post your questions on this forum where other experts can assist you

  4. Comment on his Facebook wall

Surely you can understand that we need to prioritize availability, so we can optimize our growth.

Don’t take it personally.

I agree, its a bit disconcerting that EA no longer speaks to us without a fee. Those of us who have supported him throughout the years are disappointed and being held at arm.'s length feels shitty.

My facebook profile is a public page rather than a personal one, so personal messages aren’t even an option.

I am indeed as active on this forum as I’m able to be. I wake up at 5:30 a.m., and I go to sleep around 11:00 p.m., and I’m literally working every hour in between. I even eat lunch in my car between appointments. I’m working on the Mastering Divination Program, the Complete Works tome, paid consultations, other aspects of this movement, on top of raising a 7 year old daughter as a single father. So, cut me a little slack, please.

And, as a note: when my facebook page was a personal page and I was able to receive private messages there, at least 3-5 messages per day were asking for detailed advice, free ritual work, free divination, etc.

As the Become A Living God movement grows, my vision is that the momentum gathered will allow me more time to focus on things like this forum, more regular newsletters, more consultations, radio interviews, etc. For now, please bare with me, though, as I literally am stretched as far as I can go. I’ve done well with manifesting success in my life, now I’m in the process of getting that success to roll down the street on its own momentum so that I can indeed focus on these things.

There’s only one of you.

I also started out in business over the summer (which is now on hold thanks to the shite I have to deal with, but not for long!) so I know how hard it is being the one responsible for everything and the long hours are tough. You’ll get there.

Forget the parasites. There is no such thing as a freebie. It still costs, with regards to your time.

EA is living his dreams man! I get it. Running a business AND being a father is the biggest challenge any of us could face…BRAVO! Everything arises…everything falls away. Tis the nature of this universe - change.

May we all free ourselves from our own crucifixion nails of Tanha