So I went to one of the Enochian Aethers today

I went to ZAX, basically the Enochian version of the Abyss. It’s the tenth Enochian aether.

When I got to ZAX, I found myself in an empty black void. After a bit of looking around, I saw what I first thought was a random obelisk. As I approached the thing, I discovered that it was actually a throne, and sitting upon the throne was Choronzon. For those who don’t know, Choronzon is basically the Enochian archdemon of delusion and lies. I spoke with him and it was somewhat interesting. I asked him what the purpose of ZAX was, and he told me it was a realm for souls to pass through. I asked him why, and he simply said “to get to the other side”… I asked him a few more questions and I know some of what he said was truth, and the rest lies.

He ended up giving me a ‘gift’, which upon closer inspection was something between a white elephant and a trojan horse. I promptly dissected the ‘gift’ and tossed the rubbish parts, keeping the bits that weren’t harmful.

All in all, it was an interesting experience.


What were the bits that were harmful ? If you don’t mind me asking

The gift was basically a hunk of ‘knowledge’, the problem was that the delivery method for said knowledge was fucked up in ways I cannot even understand, so I cut off all the bullshit bits and built a construct to deliver it automatically. The knowledge was instinctual knowledge of navigating the Enochian aethers I think…