So i took this picture

Any thoughts ?

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To me it looks like a reptilian eye right in the middle. Under the stairs and the door its iris

That’s a nice staircase.


For fuck sake, I’m still haunted by eyes, that started months or years ago. In the regions/spots 2,3 and 4 I observed eyes. In the region/spot 1 I think I saw a symbol that appeared to me some time ago, idk sure wtf it is, but…

Another thing is the fact that also those staircases form/make an eye that it’s almost identical to the one that I saw some months ago when I evoked Bael, also in your avatar it appears an eye.

I think the two light bolts is in an intresting place.
Well technicaly not light bolts but illuminated raindrops falling paralelly in the same distance from the camera and in the same speed.

This is the day after. Both apperitions gone from door in the centre present in previous shot. The picture is contrast enhanced.
The tentacles on the left has ties to another experience.

There are two spectres standing in front of the lower door, one is taller than the other and each one is carrying something that looks like a suitcase.

I saw two skeleton like/bony reptile apparitions standing on either side of the door. Only one had a glowing eye and they seemed to be leaning towards the door with their bodies. I don’t see arms or hands.


I see a being walking out of the lower door in the first photo.

In the second, something peers out through it