So i think? i was visited by some one last night?

so as most know my kid is in the hospital she under went surgery yesterday cause of that im just stress to he max right now this week n havent done any invocations i dont do evocations because i dont think wel i didnt think seeing was a good idea ive never see patron in person only in dreams mainly master furfur and prince sitri
but i didnt do a ritual last night either i was too tiered to (ive been very sleepy the last few days (i really havent slept much at all) so ok i do invo in the bathrom right im on the third floor and well i saw a small black bug just crawling on the floor so wen i went to look closer at it cause u kno come on kill it it disappeared so im like im seeing things i need sleep
so i fell asleep idk the time but i was awoken out of my dream even tho it felt like i was still sleeping in my dream i was walkin into a house with bags only to be brought back to the chairs yes chairs i fell asleep in i heard a voice very deep n smooth not in my head no not in my head by my ear then standing acrossed from me i saw a full on silluet of a person but not just a siluet nooo i saw features had a must stash n yellow eye he was like the ghost girl i saw at my old job she had a white glow almost see through same as him i dont remember the convo well all i know is i could feel the rapid hot vibrations and couldnt move
only thing i remember was this

me; why are you doing this?

him;cause you love demons

me; so your punishing me i dont know you


after that i felt like i was being swollowed up by the energy like water he smiled from eye to eye then disapreared i remember looking around kinda dazed like tf just happend
idk what it was that happend

idk who it was or y even he didnt attack me i dont think idk if it was even real or not actually

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:thinking: might be a test or an initiation of some kind! If he was going after you he wouldn’t have stopped?
This might help explain this? Start at 2:40

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it was very itreasting but idk who it was tho ive never seen him before his energy wasnt familiar at all i know he didnt hurt me i didnt feel pain just an ocean of energy if he was initiating me or testing me wouldnt i kno who he was then?

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can they come out of sigil if it isnt sealed thinking back know there is one demon i have not called on tho i have his sigil i have it in my sigil journal i like to trace the printed sigils and his is the only printed one i havent done yet maybe he is mad i havent yet

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I don’t think that’s the issue!

It’s probably one of the once you contacted and formed a link to because they can reach you anywhere anytime to look out for you. Otherwise, I have heard that guardian demons tend to follow you around from your past life! Usually entities announce themselves with how they look or feel! Maybe try opening other sigils and compare the energies?
:roll_eyes: I have been approached by different spirits and they told me their names but I ended up forgetting everything… human brain… Lol…

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i asked n i dont think he told me but the sisil i havent opened well as is just a though his namme came to mind but i dont feel a conection to him…i can open sigils compare by just drawing them but it still takes alot of energy i can have some one scan to see but he maybe long gone by now i know furfur and dantalion stay close by ans sabknock is in and out (he comes if food is left out lol ) i can feel his stare better then his energy he makes me jumpy i wish i knew cause im curious he is the only one to show himself to me n i have no clue who he is n why or how even

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