So I think I summoned Beleth can any one help

I summoned beleth to help me get back with my ex but I’m unsure if it Worked I didn’t see beleth but I felt a presence and afterwards I felt really positive I’m unsure what to do now ad I dot know if it Worked the same night tho she messaged saying she left some stuff of hers here and asked if I can take it to hers was that beleth setting up something to help me see her to talk to her or was that just coincidence.


I’d like to add I’m currently being haunted by another demon who had become physical leaving scratches on my back bruises on my legs the scratches on my back all I was doing was sat on the sofa and had a burning sharp feeling on my back asked a friend to check for there to be scratches and it all to he red I don’t know why I wanted to contact beleth never thought of summoning a demon ever but I asked the demon that’s been attacking me for help with my ex and the next morning all I could think of was the name beleth so I looked into it and decided that summoning him/her were be able to help with my situation
Can any one give me advice on if he was present or anything or how else I can summon/contact beleth as I don’t even know if he/she agreed to the terms of the pact?

I’ve evoked her before, I’m not too experienced with my mind’s eye so I didn’t see her. However I also felt a presence, although the windows and the door were closed in my room, the flame danced violently and started sizzing, also, the incense smoke started to come to me, I couldn’t make out what the smoke was shaping but I closed My eyes and I asked questions both with my mouth and telepathically sending them out, I received answers in the form of words coming into my mind, sometimes I would even answer my own questions without actually thinking about what to say. Like Beleth made me know what to say as If she made them come out of my mouth automatically. She was very kind and respectful, I also treated her with respect, offering her incense to thank her for coming. Although I did mistakenly call her “King Beleth” she still treated me with respect and honestly I think she told me gently not to call her a king. I would say if you plan on evoking her, tidy up the space you plan to evoke her to, make sure you don’t have any “protective” circles around and meditate until you have a clear mind. Then bring out her sigil, if you aren’t experienced in this, light red candles and light some nice incense and burn it onto Beleth. Place her sigil on your lap and visualise her sigil, chant her enn. “Liraash Tasa Vefa Wehl Beleth” and call out to her, welcome her and allow yourself to be confident and welcome her respectfully And not out of fear or being cowardly. At first I called upon her and my candles flame went out, I simply took out another red candle and lit it in her name. Good luck with your Ex. I personally think you should ask Beleth for advice. But make sure you ask if she’s okay with you telling her your story and ask her to only give advice if she’s willing. Don’t make demands but respect her wishes and what she’s okay with. You should thank her for her advice.


Your missing some VERY important information so read closely. If a person tries to contact a specific demon without using a pentagram or “protective circle” What happens is the possibility of manipulation. see what the pentagram does is weed out any other entity from lying and pretending to be the one you are trying to contact. Anything with bad intentions cannot enter the pentagram so light a candle inside a pentagram and stand inside it. This way if you do summon something it will be THE SPECIFIC demon you were attempting to contact because anything trying to manipulate you would be worded off.


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That is interesting, it sounds like Beleth had heard you. Do you have any follow up for us?

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