So I sat in on a Catholic service today

A bit of background. I’ve been letting my inner darkness out quite a bit lately, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, except for the fact that I walk the line between the dark and the light.

So anyways, I felt the urge to sit in on a Catholic service. When I went into the church, I could feel the power that only comes from a place of worship. I thought about the holy water by the doorways, but I felt that it would have only hurt me if I touched it, so I didn’t. I found a pew not too close to the front nor back, and before going to sit, I bowed my head in acknowledgement to their symbol.

As people were coming in, it was odd, because while there were a lot of people, they all just kinda sat away from me, as if they instinctively knew I was a wolf among the sheep. So I followed along with the service, I didn’t sing or participate, just witness. Standing when everyone stands, and sitting when they all sat. I didn’t kneel though, as I kneel to nobody.

I kept a close watch on the front with my sight, and I could see the aura that their symbol (the crucifix behind the altar) was practically radiating power. And when the clergymen came through to deliver the service, I watched them with my sight. They priest had a very strong aura about him that I could see, as only a well initiated person who has been at it for a very long time could attain through worship.The others in the procession who were in their robes that symbolized their initiations had an aura too, but nowhere near as strong as the elderly priest.

When it came time for the Eucharist, I watched as the elderly priest did the rites, and his aura basically exploded out. When it did this, I felt a sudden unease about my being there, but I persevered. I didn’t dare partake of the Eucharist, opting to spectate, because not only am I not a catholic, I also felt that it would have been very bad for my health.

After all that, the priest’s aura returned to what it was before he did the rite, and the service went on. After the service, I actually spoke with the priest a little bit, and I asked him a few questions. I asked what it felt like when he was doing the rites of the Eucharist, and what he described sounded exactly like the feelings of invoking an entity and consecrating in their name, which is obvious. He described it as “concentration on the body and blood, a feeling of light flowing through me”, which sounded about right… I also talked with him a bit, told him that I wasn’t a christian myself, and that I just felt that I had to be there today. He took it with the grace and dignity one would expect actually. In the end he wished me well, and I told him “May Raphael bless you with health” and said my farewells.

It was an interesting experience, and it opened my eyes to the fact that I’ve been doing too much in the darker aspects and that I need to rebalance myself so I don’t tip off the line between the light and dark.


Thats awesome @Anziel_Merkaba!

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I don’t like the way the church feels energy-wise when prayer is happening (it feels like everyone is shooting prayer missiles up into the sky or at the cross because the priest said “fire” in code) but when someone says there’s power in it, I can’t exactly deny that. Belief is part of where power comes from, so it only makes sense that Christianity is powerful, despite the rep it has from non-believers.

The power from the church is one reason why some witches will still have rites near a church. It’s a powerhouse of energy as long as there are worshipers coming regularly. Probably after, too, but I’ve never been at an abandoned church so I can’t say.


That first part is the best description EVER! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I would think an abandoned church would still have a lot of power, although of a darker variety…
It bodes investigating.


I think there are some specific rituals which one does near religious symbols of worship… I’m not sure though…?

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I used to go to an ancient Templar Church near where I lived, that had an interesting energy. Quite how it would feel now I don’t know.

When I go to churches there’s always a bizarre thing that happens, I can sit anywhere and a shaft of light hits me like a spotlight as if pointing me out like a beacon to whoever is assembled. (edit - I have no idea what I wrote)

They know, it knows…


I went to one today as well. RARE THING FOR ME. I could sense intities on the statues.
I sat there and ate up all of the ambient worship energy. Only 70 or 80 people. I would prefere 10,000.
When you go up at communion and take the round wafer bread, are you supposed to stick it in your mouth immediately, before going to sip the cup ( that everyone is sipping from) THAT’S GROSS !
I walked off with the wafer, sipped the cup, (didn’t reach the liquid, but I tried) and went and sat down with the wafer. Saw everyone else WITHOUT a wafer ( DAMN ! ).
That is when I ate the wafer…

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The Tempel ov Blood advocates infiltrating religious organizations like churches in order to pervert their energies for a Sinister purpose, through such actions as performing a Black Mass or summoning the Dark Gods after hours in a place of worship.


There’s a lot going on in Christian churches, especially Catholic ones. I’m pretty skeptical that there is an omnipotent, all-knowing, etc. “God” on the other end of things. But there’s clearly energy flowing around. Who is on the other end? Is it purely a manifestation of the collective will of the congregation?


Imagine vampirism in this situation. I’ve vamped at Catholic weddings and was energized for days. Otherwise I try to steer clear of churches. Really vivid post btw. I felt like I was there.


drinks tea


Thanks, I really was trying to explain what I felt in the different moments so you could understand my experience.

Currently I’m debating on whether or not to go full dark or rebalance myself… I’m gonna have to do some divs on the matter.


Returning to this thread - I wonder what energies you would sense outside a confessional. All that “sin” - pouring out -

that’d be interesting to find out


How interesting! I’ve always felt out of place at church before I came to know the LHP.

When i was homeless i decided to go to church service for some shelter.
I was wearing a jumper with the symbols of the chakras. One of the church members saw the symbols and in his mind they were of the devil.
Being psychic i could feel what he was conspiring. Was rather funny they all stood up for worship and i could feel them ( 3 christians) praying against me to leave. They where sat in a row infront. So i bindend the shit out of them turned there prayers against them. Then when the service ended they basicly ran to the front for prayer. Dammmn i only wanted to chill!


A neighbor invited me to go to church with her and I felt very indecisive. Not that I think I’ll burst into flames or anything. I heard Azazel suddenly say “You can go. It will show you how far you have come” .

He gave me a dream that night and showed me that there are non christian organizations(specifically satanic ones) that are no better than christian ones. They are obsessed with hierarchy and appearances more than actually raising the consciousness of its people.

This seemed to make him very upset like he could forgive the shepards for leading the sheep astray because they dont know the way themselves. following blindly because they don’t know any better. But the ones that know better and just use peoples ignorance to get themselves ahead made him furious. In the dream he ripped religious leaders teeth out their mouths and then made it into a necklace and gave it to me.(Teeth represent self conciousness and physical appearance in dreams)

And i’m like okay thank you but that escalated quickly. :flushed:


how excellent. I just got back from an Anglican Christmas eve high mass, with candelight etc. Very beautiful, very serene, I really love high mass. Someone told me high mass is a ritual in itself. We has champage and cookies afterwards too, which is nice also!!:grinning:

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So what you’re saying is that it’s excellent that I felt like the holy water would burn me and that the very building was antithetical to my presence?