So I ran into something

I was just scrolling through ea’s videos and I ran into a Lucifer ritual video. So I’m going through this video fully involved into it and making mental notes on all of the things he’s doing. I continue watching and twords the end he literally involved me into the ritual and I had a oh shit moment because everything that he was doing I was feeling. He stared to add me into the ritual and Lucifer gave me a spirit servitor. I had no idea what this was so I did research. After that the only goal I needed to get to was finding the name of this spirit.

After waking up exactly at 6 the next day I waited till the red light of the sun came into my window and stood into it than said the words ea gave me. “Morning when the sun is rising and evenings when the sun is setting. Let the Ray’s of Lucifer’s lights wash over me.” I chanted this about 3 times and started to meditate. I had no results from the meditation. After that I just went about my day and started playing a game. While I was playing a random thought Popped up in my head. I remembered my sisters watch a girl on YouTube call Miranda. She always opened her videos with “hey guys it’s me Miranda!” And that just kept playing in my head. If you ever saw her videos than you know exactly what she sounds like. Kinda annoying. I went back to my room and wrote it in my grimoire. I’m also working with vassago and asked him to help me find this name of my spirit servitor. So I have one thought on the situation. Vassago has showed me the past of a moment that I never look back on so it would stick out and let me know he has found the name.

Oooooor this is all a theory that my head made up to throw me off. My head likes doing that…

What do you think?

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