So I met Belial for the first time. Here's his message

Weirdly enough, up until this point I had no interest in Belial. But today I felt rather compelled to meet him. And I did. He wasn’t what I expected, to tell you the truth. In the Lesser Key of Solomon he is said to appear as two beautiful angels, in Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia, he is depicted as a single male angel. But, no, to me he appeared as a stereotypical, almost Hollywood-like Demon. A dark green gargoyle-like being that walks on two feet. His voice was deep, and masculine. And he likes blood, apparently. Didn’t give him any, though. Anyway, here’s his message:

“Grovel before no one. Bow to no one. You are your own master. Should you forfeit your own right as a ruler, another will happily take it, and bend you to his will.”

So does anyone else’s experience with Belial match mine, even if a little?


Nope, I said Lucifer.


I was researching him earlier this is what I found.

What you said matched the second discription by raven.
As well as the new video from blackmagickexposed

Their was also a post in the lounge about a members success story with him. Funny how you get a lot of info on one day about one demon. Even ignoring the two pdfs that I went to search for. That’s three or four mentions that popped up today. Starting to think at different times of the year different beings get more active. Or maybe a sign?


My experience does indeed match Raven’s description of his energy, more than anything! It was that creeping feeling, and he arrived quickly.

Also, interesting video. Belial wasn’t that demanding and pushy with me, though.


well every time he appears to me,i feel that he just killed someone before appear lol

his presence is Firm and energetic


For me it was like a slow creeping feeling, and then an increase of energy over time. Strangely, I felt most energetic after I had done the ritual.


I never met him. I get the impression he is just kind of watching me and waiting for the right time. But I guess right now he doesn’t want to work with me so I will not bug him. I do like the description and his message. That attitude just makes him so attractive. Or is that just me!? Oh! Interesting energy. Oh wait! That’s right. I did meet him a while back… I had forgotten until I just felt him. But then I started talking to Azazel and he kinda just backed off. Maybe I should start talking to him again.


Yea his appearance. Red though not green and his voice was low the little he did talk.


Yeah. I did not see him like that. I just saw him like a man with dark hair. And he is pretty big. But they can look like anything they want to so… I can’t believe I had forgotten all about that! Until he reminded me that is… See? They are always listening! lol! And they don’t talk a lot but I guess most people can’t hear them anyway or can only hear a little so they just get to the point. I wonder if he has a sense of humor… (thinking face)


I work with him weekly and took him as a mentor. Voice and looks are tge same. Not green. Just dark. Could be green but if so very dark dark green. He looks like you said to me. Tall 2 feet. Typical demon you would see in the movies. Never saw anything as far as 2 women on the burning chariot. Man he pulled off an amazing curse for me. OUTFUCKINGSTANDING. I posted it in the lounge but can post it here if youre interested


There is so much more to the great King Belial.

it’s unfortunate how these things became so obscured. altough Belial is listed amongst 72 goetic demons, he is vastly and infinitely deeply more then this.

as unimaginably powerful super-entity, Belial has infinite lesser and greater manifestations.

The Dark Man of the Sabbat

Dog Head

powerful demon with great horns

with reptilian eyes and 2 snakes from his head

the Dragon of the Earth

the Lord of Blood

Source of All Dark Magick

Our True God - Our Brother / Father

weather you are under influence of yhvh/allah or not, weather you accept Belial or not, you are a living entity - and by the Eternal Black Law, you entirely belong to the Dragon.

your Soul, of course - the Jitta or whatever you consider to be particularly YOU, even though you destroyed your ego- absolutely and in it’s entirety belongs to the Great Primordial Sea - of which The Belial is the Ruler

and no, i am not confused about these things.



From what it seemed to me, it was a very dark shade of green. Could’ve been some other color, but yes it was definitely dark.

And, yes! Tell me more about this curse.


Same here, that’s a perfect decsription! :joy:

I did a big dump of everything I have on him in the link below, I work with him a lot and included some artwork showing how he appears to me (he’s usually more red and earthy shades than blue; but he liked the blue in that art for some reason):


This is what I posted in the lounge. This worked SO WELL and I continue to combine magick with evocations today after this. I get good results.

Since I see people sharing personal experiences I will share one.

2 months ago my girlfriends boss was being extremely difficult and she would tell me how much she cannot stand this guy along with all of the other women in the office. He is a supervisor. So I asked her with her permission to curse him and make him leave. After declining many times because this all freaks her out lol she asked me to do it.

I made my altar with Belials Sigil, a red candle for fury and blood, his photograph and his name, DOB written on it, and a quarter. I had never cursed anyone before so I was extremely excited. I meditated on belial and evoked im for the first time. I told him that I have only heard of him and I challenged him to show me his power and prove to me what he can do. He asked if he could kill the man, I said that is not the request. Bring him bad luck that will lead to a transfer of positions or loosing his job. As well I would like to see you help my girlfriend excel in her position and increase her career opportunities on all aspects positively.

He asked what is in it for him. I said, I will work with you continuously as I know you are a lover of the material world, and, my ultimate return for this task is my assurance that she will become a believer in magick and especially in you. He replied by saying that is an interesting offer as no one has offered that particular gift, but I am willing to make the task real with speed. So I asked him to show me what he can do (repeating myself)… I did something different and combined our magick. I held a candle and told him to consecrate it with me so this was an evoking mixed with a magical spell. Once the candle goes out, the mayhem begins. The quarter was to harness the energy and I did the same with the quarter. I had my gf take the quarter and the left over wax and put in on his chair so he would have to touch it and hopefully carry around the quarter too.

11pm this happened…

7:30am I get a texted message that she received a $7000 raise. 11pm she said her boss hadnt come into work. 5pm he came in completely covered in dirt and a torn shirt because he got a flat and landed in a ditch LMAO.

2 days later his dog peed on a ladies tree and she yelled at him, and he told her it was city property and she punched him in the eye, his boss told him never to come into work looking like that again.

5 days later he broke his hand

Then his landlord said they were selling his apartment and he would need to vacate within 5 months.

Then a dog bit him in the broken hand

Then my girlfriend got a promotion and a $20k raise

Last week he failed miserably on a massive project and was demoted and now works for my gf

She was offered a new opportunity that will begin in 6 weeks with even more pay!!!

Her old boss is currently on vacation and there was a power shortage on the island he is on and has no power in his hotel room #deadLOLOL

She is a massive believer in magick now and always asked me if I spoke with Belial lately


Hahahaha priceless! Good ole Belial. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Belial appeared to me as a RIDICULOUSLY good looking man. His energy feels heavy, earthy to me. He comes quickly when called. Usually I feel my left arm tingle when he arrives.

I asked him for justice when my boss started bad mouthing me for no reason. Within 1week, a part of her colon burst, resulting in her body slowly poisoning itself. She had to undergo emergency surgery and was away from work for almost 2 months. During which I landed a new, higher paying gig. :slight_smile:

More recently, I wanted to do some baneful magic which Belial was against initially. After speaking to him repeatedly and sort of ‘making my case’ he agreed to help and led my to Azazel who led me to dra’talon and Zuhgrim.

Belial is fucking awesome! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


as we can see,The King is very Appreciated,which is good,i enjoy to read this things

joy to my eyes


Damn, Belial really roughed her up, didn’t he? I like his role as the dispenser of justice.


She was being a bully and he has very little tolerance towards bullies so she had it coming :upside_down_face:


Holy crap! This had me rolling! Belial doesn’t play around! Thank you for sharing this story. It was a-maz-ing!