So I kinda have a sorta apprentice

He’s someone I know from another online community, and he has a lot of potential.

I’m starting him from the ground up, he’s already got meditation and banishing down, I’m currently giving him basic energywork exercises that I will build up to a practical degree (he’s starting with his own energies, then he will be working up to external energies). After energywork, I’ll be teaching him basic invocation/evocation methodology and the like.

Then he will be finished with the first grade in my program with a closing ritual for it. At which point he moves on to Air grade, where he learns how to turn the fundamentals on their head as well as astral/scrying type stuff.


Well that is interesting, good luck.

Are you going to send him a link to here?

I may later on, but for now, I want him to focus on what he’s learning.