So I just woke up and this might sound like a silly question

… But I have a page on the social media, dedicated to Lilith.
For no reason that I am aware of this past 2 weeks of 2021 I have seen a massive uprising on the numbers of people visiting and enjoying the content in it. Is there a reason besides covid that I’m unaware of?


this does sounds like a silly question xD
Maybe people are getting more interested in knowing her and about occult or spiritual pratices,

Just sharing my own silly opinion lol


More people had time off during the holiday season?



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I wonder if it’s because of everyone stuck at home watching Netflix… There’s a few shows/films that have a view of Lilith in them.


All the spiritual shops near me have told me that they have seen an increase in interested people this last year. Like a major increase. The energy of the New Aeon is truly coming, the Divine Feminine is returning in strength and people are waking up from the slumber of rationalism.


More and more people are at home, browsing the web. They browse, share the page with others who also browse, share the page with others, wash rinse repeat…:woman_shrugging:t5:


By content, do you mean like information about Lilith or something else?

I wondered the same thing. Looks like Netflix has recently taken a large Interest in Lilith giving some exposure to her to other users out there which might explain the sudden activity in @Seph content page. Pair that with a quick Internet search like @QueenMustang mentioned and boom there you have it. Heck If I was still stuck in quarantine I would still be binging plenty of new stuff on Netflix I happen to come across on :upside_down_face:


Very true. The increase in people will continue. :slight_smile:

Last season of Sabrina? Lilith won the hell…

I agree with you there. All that free time, I wish I had that haha.
I just hope the people searching the internet don’t get in over their heads.

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You live too far from the Mainstream.
I don’t dare to speak clearly so I don’t but there is something comparable with a Trend in Regards of the Mainstream being sent up with their Consciousness. “Development of Mankind”.

Religion became more understandable, cleansed by Practitioners while able ones shared their Gnosis.

So far from me.

I always find it complicated

Reminds me of the ritual the forum did here:


Also, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, so maybe all the cool kids are researching Lilith, or revisiting her?

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