So I initiated a friend of mine in Voudan. Ogoun appears

This is a first for me. My friend asked me to contact the LWA and ask if voudan is for him. I got an answer from Papa Legba and it was a yes.

What happened next is interesting.

I channeled Legba through me to my friend had him look at Papa legbas veve and to activate the veve (he explained he saw the flash). Then he spoke the words I gave him to ask Legba, But the interesting part is he said he seen Ogoun muscular and weilding a machete. Never explaining about Ogoun or Legba or their features and weapons I was in shock and delight to know that he saw Ogoun. He felt energised after his acceptance to the voudan current and told me that Ogoun appeared to him, that Ogoun makes sense because most people he has met has seen him as a protector.

Iā€™m very excited as this solidifies more of my own ascent and purpose


That is weird. Then again, on my initiation to vodoun Papa legba and Met kalfou appeared.


@Voodooking can I pm you.