So I have this now

It’s supposed to be Innana, the Sumerian equivalent of Ishtar (and possibly Lilith and/or Aphrodite).

My mom saw this at the local thrift store while I was at work and bought it because she noticed I have a bit of an affection for ancient Middle East stuff. It was a key chain but I repurposed it as a necklace.

What do you make of the energy? Honestly I have the impression someone had a hard time breaking up with her. (No not in THAT way! Well, maybe, haha. :wink: )


Beautiful!! :thumbsup:

I “saw” a gold veil over her briefly, like thin silk, and some slight impression of a sad parting. But that could just be in my mind. :wink:


magnetizing energy very charming.

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It would be ishtar also astaroth . I felt a slieght headache on my right temple when looking at this ornamental necklace. Not sure what to make of my temples hurting specifically


Turn it into a magical talisman if it has enough to significance than delete this post don’t tell or show no one good luck

Prettiiii :smile_cat:
I’m not getting much energy wise but maybe charge it?

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I don’t “see” things very well, but sense them.
An invigorating energy, but slight pain near my right ear after a couple minutes.

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Two people have said they have gotten pain near or in their ears sensing her energy. That makes me wonder if someone was forced to give her up because a guardian or family member “found out” about something and hurt them.