So I have searched and found nothing specifically like my dream

I do not remember what the guy in my dream looked like, only that he has a South American Accent. Anyway, he beckoned me to follow, and we went through a gate, only to be in an area that seemed eerily familiar, but I could not place it. I did note that EVERYTHING was covered in Spiderwebs, not the cobweb type, either, but the full on Covered, like the mess you find in coating the area outside a trap door spider´s layer. There were many small Orb weaver type spiders, like your common Balck and yellow Garden spider, and while they were larger than anything I have seen in real life, I had the distinct knowledge that they both had no malice and were incapable of this much silken coverage.

As I am following this guy in my dream, I notice that the webbing is around our feet loosely, almost like contain candy and it is accumulating around my legs. I never see the Big Spider I know must be the source of all the webbing, but I do manage to remove the webbing from my legs before someone comes into the hostel room and lets the door slam; waking me up.

Thoughts, my friends, on this?

P.S. I know I have posted a lot of dream questions, Dream interpretation is not my strong point, I always have three or four different meanings that seem equally to be the answer.

bumping my own thread here, but there you have it.

Same I have extremely Lucid dreams, for example, I had a dream of 13888 still trying to understand what it means.