So I have channeled from Lilith a ritual to overcome addictions

Lilith’s rite against any kind of addiction

This rite has been channeled by me as a gift from Lilith. I am a heavy tobacco smoker for 5+ years, usually smoking red filtered cigarettes. Lilith graciously gave me this rite to overcome such bad habit, but it helps destroying any other distracting manners. Just focus on which addiction you want to get rid of before performing this rite. No tools are needed.

Lilitu, Queen of the night. I come to you now in order to clean my body and mind from the temptations of addiction. My being can no longer continue with degradation and self harm. Release me from the ties of addiction!

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach! (6x)

Natale ashanth inigula flemak (9x)

I wish to clean my system and augment the aptitude of my body for healing. Seeking balance is my goal and mortal distractions can no longer hold me back!

Ukeravasta aniglatho fhera (6x)

Indubitte ikrish poltarakah (9x)

Renich Viasa Avage Ama Lilith Lirach!

As I have spoken, it is done. I am free from (insert your addiction here)

I hope it helps you, guys. Cheers!


Can you tell how this rite affect you and what to expect after performing it?
I’m also a smoker and interested in quitting soon enough.

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This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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I have performed it only once, right after I channeled it last night. I can tell you I feel less like smoking right now, even though I haven’t quitted yet. I believe performing it daily would be the best way to achieve permanent results


I tried quitting smoking last year with Belial and Champix. I can tell you, my problem is entirely mental. How would this ritual help with the mental aspect?

I believe it causes a higher disencouraging on smoking again. I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll confirm my gnosis and pm you later on.


Awesome, and many thanks. :slight_smile:

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Anyone who tries this please comment your results here. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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im addicted to kratom,cigarettes, and sugar. what do you think the difference between working with lilth, zagan or buer. would they handle the addiction quite differently? I imagine they would. s Connelly claims that zagan will turn your world upside down if that’s what it takes to rid the addiction, so one might procede with caution if not desiring such. still would like further differences in methods

I have only worked with Lilith.

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