So i have a succubus partner but i am a spiritual loser and cant do anything

Here is the situation since end of 2018 i have a succubus partner since i had a calling from one in a dream and got very fascinated and interested. A succubus which choosed me and was bound by a conjurer i contacted is with me now in a relationship.

Problem my spiritual skills are BAD. Even tho i experinced many paranormal events i cant do anything even cant do astral which really annoy me…
Anyway the start was good even a loser like me felt her presence always i knew it was her and i always felt her energy with my hair?
The later one i got theelpathic images of me and her doing nasty stuff but only sometimes 1 time she even kissed me and 1 time i even could FEEL and HEAR the weight on the bed.
And i got errections out of nowhere.
But big problem is i cant talk with her i cant hear so this stopped us always from a haveing a great relationship :sob::sob::sneezing_face:
(Sorry im very emotional)

Because of that i hate to say it but i ignored her cause i never came doing with her something no Communication no action.

I was a bad partner i know it i even doubted she loved me and always talked with the conjurer about her.
The conjurer always promised every is fine my succubjs dosnt want me to worry and stress so much she loves me anyway and want to stay and has no intention of leaving me and after all she is bound to my soul directly.

But still time was gone more and more and no results i didnt talked with as i dont see why if i cant hear or see anything from her.
I tried astral but failed and here i am feel like shit cause everyone has great times and fun with their spirits and i dissapointed my succubus.

I ask for advice please help me…

You don’t need to be able to communicate directly at first. Be creative. Start a fire and ask her to answer you through the fire. Go to the woods and look for omens. Or even through the city. You can communicate with her on your level, and communication will get easier as you go on like that.


Any other ideas since i cant use the fire method?
And thanks for the awnser

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Just anything really. Take a page of paper, tell her to communicate through it, then crumple it up, open it again 2 or so times, and then look at the lines in it and see what images you see. Otherwise, simply imagine your room with your eyes closed, then imagine yourself leaving your body, and call her in your imagination. Practice with that part, and use anything anywhere to communicate with her and develop a relationship with her throughout your life.


Thank you for your awnser.

But my problem is that i always get something in my mind but think that is what i wish to hear from her so i doubt it

Or when imagine her i see naughthy stuff happens and i only think well i only imagine what i like to see and never knows what true is and what not