So I have a question

Anyone ever invoke themselves?

Do what?

There’ve been threads before about the possibility/desirabilty of evoking one’s own HGS, Higher Self, etc., also future or past selves I seem to remember… is that the kind of thing you mean?

Invocation means bringing some type of force into yourself.

So I think what you’re asking is if anyone here not only summoned their Godself/Atman/HGA/Daemonic Self,etc. but if they’ve actually at some point embodied this entity?Have they at some point invoked it?Been possessed by it?

I don’t think so.At least not fully.The whole point of BALG is to wake this dormant side of ourselves and embody it.

However,I’m pretty sure people can invoke their greater self into their less great self.And be possessed by themselves.And experience permanent full possession.

It’s noteworthy that the ritual of Lave Tete in Haitian Vodou,which translates from French as the ‘‘washing of the head’’,and is comparable to a Christian baptism,has the intent of clearing the head,and banishing stigmas and dogmas,and stuff,before inserting Le Met Tete,which probably comes from Le Maitre de Tete,the Master of the Head.

Which is suppsoed to be some sort of innate Loa,that can only come possess you when your head is cleared of the filths of your mortal existence.Hence the purpose of the Lave Tete ritual.And the Met Tet’s name musn’t be revealed to anyone.

When a LaVeyan Satanist performs an “invocation”, they are merely calling into consciousness, a part of themselves that has the qualities of, for instance, Lilith. I have heard Michael W Ford say that it doesn’t really matter whether you believe you are calling on an external entity, or on a part of yourself. We really need the OP to further clarify their question here.