So I got weed and smoked a big dose and it didnt cause me to see spirits

I heard that mdma is better for third eye opening but it might be dangerous. Has anyone tried mdma and which dose? Did it open your third eye?


What non-substance related work have you done relating to your third eye?
If not, you are looking for shortcuts.

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Yes i am.looking for shortcuts because my emotional state doesnt allow me to be able to do the regular practice

Opening the third eye takes a lot of time and practice. Doing drugs doesn’t suddenly open it.

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Weed doesn’t really cause you to see spirits, that’s just something many practitioners overhype. Weed plays with your mind nothing more, it doesn’t enhance your clairs you still need to work on them.


To increase your sensitivity to the unseen, taking drugs that dumb you down aren’t that great.
They don’t improve your connection to you subconscious by themselves, they can help you do the inner work.

MDMA (or MDA) is just the ‘love drug’, all it does is make you want to get cuddly with people, and give you a ‘everything will be ok’ vibe. Total waste of time and money.

Stop trying to take shortcuts and do the meditation and shadow work the weed was going to chill you out to do but didn’t. Drugs can’t do any of this shit for you… unless it’s DMT, but that can become more of a crutch and still won’t get you anywhere if you haven’t done the work to be ready for it.

You literally make the right drugs in your body when you learn to meditate… Free, with no risk of weird extra chemicals in the cut.


i’ve used weed in some occassions and i never thought that it will do something or add power to the ritual itself. It just makes me feel more. i mean, that is what weed does, makes you feel more and that’s it.

i suggest to you to do scrying exercises.

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Now you tell me!


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There used to be a recipefor astral travel somewhere.

Hemp flowers
Poppy Flowers

Or mix and match. Youre not supposed to directly consume The smoke could also be toxic.

I agree, meditation…

Then try various meditation practices focusing on third eye openings. Meditation alone helps your mind relax on a much calmer state. Hell even without any weed in the mix as that only helps the mind jump quicker into relaxation. I don’t want say your using that as an excuse to get messed on drugs and start seeing shit but there has to be another much healthier way of achieving this.

Instead of taking drugs, try meditating, making a request, or making a pact with an entity to improve your astral senses, I’m not so sure but raziel might help too, You can petition fastos or meton or sastan, the decision is yours.


If you do the practice, that will help with your emotional state.

Smoking weed (on occasion for me) does help with my emotional state as well, but if you want to cultivate magickal abilities you have to practice magick.

Maybe try giving it a go and seeing what happens.

Hope you enjoyed getting baked though

That’s called being lazy and self destructive.
Tryin to find a shortcut for spiritual senses when you haven’t developed the emotional and mental control to build you foundations is like poking a grizzly and expecting nothing bad to happen to you.

Access to the spiritual energies or realms on any level will just further destabilize your emotions if you have not built up a foundation because this stuff kicks up ALOT of psychological dust storms.

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Have to say I totally disagree with that. MDMA can show you a side of yourself that youve forgotten ever existed. It can help you overcome boundaries youve set in social situations, it helps you get in touch with your emotions etcetc.
Granted, as with any drug, you have to work on yourself afterwards for all of the above to have lasting effects.
But in my experience MDMA is far more than just a cuddle drug.

Kind of agree but I think its important to mention that for some people “blasting open the doors” can go a looooong way in dealing with a too high amount of scepticism. I wouldnt be here if I hadnt taken that route but I do have to mention aswell that it can be one of the most frightening and damaging experiences of ones life.

Agree with the whole rest of your post.

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Be very carefull with shortcuts my friend!

Ok, let me say…
1- there is the probability that you haven´t smoked properlly the weed. Is it your first time takeing weed?
weed is supposed to take you to the right stage to get you into trance and get out of your body. This ofc if you take the right dose (not too little not too much).

2- As many have mentioned… you are just being lazy and rushing to some ground that you don´t have domain of. Be carefull don´t get illusional by the fantastic stories that you read in this forum, there is also the other side.

Start with the basics, start with the fundamental lessons of magick. Learn how to meditate, how to banish, warding so and so and good luck!

I tried to do practice but I have too many blockages to do this without drugs. I decided to get 2 grams of mushrums to assist me in evocation of my favorite demon- Samael. I think he will protect me from any dangers of the drug because I have a good connection with him

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Psst…Samael is an archangel, not a demon lol


I am sure he is prince of the demons. He is the enemy of the archangel michael and his wife is lilith. Lucifer is not a demon in my eyes but an angel

No it is not my first time… I smoked weed many times in the past. Weed probably doesnt cause people to see spirits in most cases

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