So I drew my first sigils, now what?

On paper, I’ve just drawn my first sigils. Some that I made are for Azazel and Dra’talon. Once I finished making Azazel’s, I stared at it for nearly a minute and then called out Azazel’s name out loud, requesting him for presence and that I want to talk to him, and asked him to open my senses so I can communicate for him. I declared that if he wants anything, then let me know what he wants and I’ll try to fulfill his request. In my mind, before I start considering asking him for requests, I think it’d be better to get to know him first and show some hospitality. However, this may be because I’m feeling stressed/tense, didn’t meditate without a clear enough mind and I only looked at the sigil for a minute or 2, I didn’t seem to get any immediate replies, and if he telepathically communicated something to me in my mind, I apparently didn’t catch it because it wasn’t big enough for me to “find” in my mind compared to my thoughts or I wasn’t paying attention to my mind, at least enough.

To sum up this topic I want to talk to and become friends with Azazel and requested him to open up my senses or to at least show me that he’s around, but as I’m writing this, I didn’t seem to get anything. If I try doing this every day and meditate more, could I have more clear communications with spirits such as Azazel? Should I wait longer for any sort of reply? My room is currently messy AF and I don’t have altars set up-could that be why I’m having lack of communication [AFAIK]?

Also, would I have to talk to Azazel first before working with the demonic assassin Dra’talon because Dra’talon works under Azazel?

So…you didn’t actually open the seal to talk to him? You have his number (the seal), but you still need to dial to open the line. Just looking at the seal and calling his name isn’t going to do much. Did you get into TGS, or at least an Alpha state?

You need to open the seal to establish communication:

And no, you do not need to work with Azazel first to work with Dra’talon.


Chanting, because it works.