So I am going to get weed to communicate with demons

I wonder how much I need to smoke because my astral senses arent developed

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Not even sure if weed will help you

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This is just a bad idea - and will lower your field for parasites - if you have the protection and know what you’re doing - you can try it -

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weed? if you’re aiming for actual communication wouldn’t some hallucinogenic be better indicated?
But then again i hear weed is quite strong nowadays :man_shrugging:

Depends on how blazed you get - a hit or two of a blunt would be ok depending on tolerance - full on like multiple hits of bong will make your defenses weak

Just remember, the drug is supposed to be simply an aid to help you. It won’t’t take away the need for proper development, and suddenly give you crystal clear communication ability. You will still need to do the work. All the drug will do is get you into an altered state of consciousness.


I agree, that’s not a good idea.

It’s not going to be like smoke weed–> demon comms up, though now I do smoke almost all the time🤷🏻‍♀️
For the past year, invocation and evocation (then communicating with spirits via channeling) have been my primary areas of practice and I’m no pro or anything. However, like anything else that uses hallucinogens to enhance the experience (according to my doctor at least, weed is technically a hallucinogen), you’ll need to understand and it’ll help to learn how to communicate without it first. For example, with my art practice (painting is one of my favorite mundane hobbies), weed helps me paint in a way that I normally wouldn’t be able or in a way I normally wouldn’t think of, but I had to learn how to paint first.
Diving in without much experience with demon communication (I still consider myself a noob and try to be careful how I use weed in my magick), it’s hit or miss as to whether it would help or not as anyone starting to communicate with demons or any kind of spirit
It’s something that helps because it changes your mental state to be more sensitive, but doesn’t replace the work to develop senses/abilities to be able to communicate properly in the first place and to then hear/see more by using aids like hallucinogens.
I’ll second previous responses- can make the attempt more parasite prone as a beginner (learned this the hard way. I myself used to like to just ignore advice and run for it and now I’ve learned to always be careful with how I approach anything magic related). I would hate to waste either the demon’s or my own time with haste. I’d just be careful

I agree with the previous posts.

If you get yourself spaced out on weed but you aren’t used to it then how are you going to actually know what is going through your mind?

It would just be a different experience than being sober and you would probably just think a lot about stuff and possibly forget what you were thinking from one moment to the next.

I used to smoke it a lot and I wouldn’t say it really helped me with anything


THC can increase psychosis symptoms, som e of which are hearing and seeing and feeling hallucinations, and increased risk taking.
That said, its generally nice with a spot of tea.

I’d encourage you to practice without weed as well, but I have noticed some interesting effects with cannabis. For me at least it tends to boost my feeling of energy in a physical sense, like I can feel it tingling all through my body sometimes. It sometimes also causes me to see spirits outside in the world. I’ve seen very clear outlines of figures covered in shadows and even tall angels clearly present in the room.

That being said, I now sometimes have these experiences while completely sober (well, sober except for caffeine). Cannabis also tends to diminish my inner sight, so images aren’t as clear within my mind, and basically kills all dream recall. Sometimes I don’t mind this but I am practicing dream yoga so smoke weed every day means fucking on my practice.

If you’re gonna try this though I don’t know why you wouldn’t just get blazed as fuck

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Ehh…The most of all times me and a buddy of mine were stoned heavily after hitting a joint recently was with an extra touch of wax and believe me when I say we weren’t high but went futher into tripping the fuck out for a bit. My third eye was just pulse after pulse. Felt like every sense was awaken beyond any practice achieved but after putting it to use outside the high there really wasn’t much of a major sheer difference. About the only thing I’d remember was that I felt touches from one of my spirits on a much much deeper level than normally. Didn’t really tune in as much but had a killer sleep though.

From past experience, it can make things…interesting.
But if you really want to communicate then, you’re better off working your way towards it.
Paying attention to your strengths of communication in spiritual terms, is generally a better way, though if that’s what you feel you need, then fair enough.