So i am back and my dog is missing

its been a long long while so i’ll start by saying HI to everyone that knows me !!

now my dog went missing some time yesterday normally she would just come back and hang out in the yard like nothing has happen or as if she was in the yard the whole time but she hasn’t came back i went looking for her around the areas i know or believe my dogs always go and some how some how calling her i have gotten no pitter pattering claws on the pavement no bark screams of joy no medium sized blur running full speed at / around me as if we are playing tag just silent wind and its very devastating all i’ve been doing is crying and having spouts of anger cause i have no idea where she could be i asked my neighbors they said they didn’t see her but saw my other crazy girl running around yesterday but you know she is home safe my Taura
i looked at the shelters posted her all over social media walked til my stomach was in pain and still nothing its like she disappeared into thin air now here we are today…

i went through my email and thought to write a post here about it since i had been reminded that i could…

i tried to envoke Barbatos for the first time in a long long time and i am unsure if my request was heard or accepted ive not been the best at followin this path ffor a few years so i feel unsure… i just want to find my baby girl and bring her back home so any advise or help is appreciated she is much bigger then the pic now


Did you try Hecate? She’s the first name that came to mind when reading this.


i havent but i can try her to see if she can help as well

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I would definitely reach out to her. She’s known for liking dogs and would surely help you.