So, how

It appears to me that i am aware of, and able to affect the astral and the physical at the same time. I did not think this was possible, so how am i doing it?


The astral is not really separate from the physical, it actually overlays it. There are astral equivalents to everything on the physical plane and when you build something in the astral with intention, it eventually manifests in the material.


As DarkestKnight says, and more this is how manifestation happens through all the layers of reality, also called dimension. The effects manifest up as well as down the levels of reality, as I call them.

In qigong therapy training, I was taught that this is how people heal themselves with having a positive attitude, and how sickness can start in higher levels like the mental and emotional bodies, and conversely how working with someone’s qi body to balance the energy manifests that balance (healing) into the emotional and physical.

The final lesson in Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis takes this to a magickal extremes with conscious physical manifestation of an object from nothing (not apporting it). You structure it in the astral first and focus energy into it to manifest it… or something, E.A. has done it but I don’t know anyone else who has that wasn’t an ascended master.

For more on this kind of thing, and a discussion about it from masters manifesting things like, food and calm, warm weather in the middle of a snowstorm and other life saving things can be read in the books “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”.


satan’s library, has free information, has 3 volumes of power meditations. They can help with techniques and knowledge. Again it’s free, no software pirating.

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Perfect answer.

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Just like how my evocation with lord Anubis turned into a physical one where he caressed me because I twas unknowingly building critical mass & intentions then that’s what I got, now I’m focusing on honing my witchcraft & astral traveling,