So, how is everybody going to spend the new years eve?

Well, the tittle says it all. Personally I´m goin to do a powerfull necromantic ritual with all of the forces connected to my bloodline.


Drinking, quite heavily. With friends even. My parents house is not good for rituals, and the woods are too cold this time of year in Finland


Partying?or even light parties?

Four people, music, chips and alcohol. Enough of a party for me.:grin: My friend is moving to a new house next month so we’re “saying goodbye” to his old place


You spending it Lappeenranta or…? Did I remember correctly that you live in Lappeenranta?

I live in Tampere actually, though I’m spending the holidays in my parents hometown. Not saying where that is, too easy to connect for nosy people, though its close to Helsinki. My friend (the one that is moving) also lives here.

Yeah, that´s fair I suppose. How is the weather in Tampere by the way?

Decent I think :thinking: Regular semi-cold Finnish weather. I left for my parents place last Friday, so no idea how it is now.

Yeah, figures. The roads are not too slippery to drive?I heard the driving roads are icy in Tampre, or were

Meh, they were a bit slippery, though not very noticeably most of the time. The Fogging windows were way more annoying…and dangerous

True, I can´t believe the people who most likely got thier winter tires late. That shit is dangerous as hell.

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I live in EST but to my mind New Years starts 7pm EST when the ball drops in Trafalgar Square, London at midnight GMT. I have a ritual planned to set things up just right for the new year, building on a multi-part working started on the solstice.


I spent it alone mourning the death of my cat that passed on Sunday.


my condolences

I don’t know yet. I think I will just thank my deities and write my plans for the New Year as well.

My condolences for you loss🌹

Times Square NYC!

I’m thinking about doing a petition ritual for my Ascension and the goals I desire to achieve over the coming year. My intuition is telling me to make a commitment of some sort to Life and Magick. :thinking:

I shall be draping myself in scarlet and purple silk, decorating myself with pearls and gold, then I plan to get drunk on the blood of saints and martyrs before riding the seven-headed beast.

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