So how about an invocation when you have the flu

Would The spirit heal you, make you sicker from all the energy overload or be grossed out by you completely? Jw although I do have some chills and body aches right now.

When you are sick like that you should rest. Rest and focus your intention on healing your body. You can summon a demon you work with that heals and ask for healing, but full on invocation is not necessary. That’s just my oppinion but … you asked! Feel better soon!

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Depends on who you’re invoking and how you’re doing it. Don’t over-exert yourself, like @nikki said. I recently saw a spell done by @Raven_Maleficus that may help. Also, just staring at the sigil of a healer like Raphael and chanting an incantation while focusing on being healed and feeling well should do you a great deal of good. Visualize being well, not being sick. It’s hard to feel good emotions when you’re sick, but that’s what you’ll want to do. I’ve been doing this while getting over some symptoms similar to yours and it’s helped me. And REST. I haven’t done evocation or Invocation in a few days for that reason. Just my opinion. Everyone does magick differently


Perform psychic vampirism. The time it takes to learn it might be longer than the time it takes for you to get over the flu, but if not, it’ll make you feel great. Every time I get sick I just feed. One time I had the flu, I felt so good that I stayed up for two days straight :smiling_imp:

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I have been exploring this subject! I was taking energy from.the sun as well yesterday and that made me feel better.

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I ended up evoking Sekhmet for healing and I feel 98% better today!! Ty Sekhmet!