So...have you ever cursed someone you don't know that well?

Let’s say you met someone once, you don’t know their last name, and it’s been years later you don’t even remember their face precisely but remember the general “feel” of them. Have you cursed someone like this successfully where you don’t have a strong relationship with?

I wonder why I would curse someone I don’t really care about.
I never did a curse on someone but I think if I did it, I would have to feel a strong feeling of anger or sadness.

Or do you mean you could meet someone and habe the feeling that you should curse that person because the person would feel strange?

To start with , if it’s someone you hardly know you’ll have to know a variety of mystical teachings to keep track of them to know the cursing is working , otherwise you can do that with most spirits , but you’ll have to ask yourself if that person has spirits protecting them , like a holy guardian angel , which most of us have . Cursing would have consequences .

Please, no “moralizing” responses please. This is under “baneful magick”. I have a good reason to curse this person despite not being in contact with them for a long time and only meeting them once. I don’t need to share the reason here I’m only asking a question. Also, cursing doesn’t have consequences, I’ve done it before and I’m fine.

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I’m not moralizing , I also did not say that I think you don’t have a good reason , I encourage what you are doing actually , but there are consequences to cursing , depending on how it is done , everyone has some kind of protective force around them or the other , you may trigger it if you’re not careful .