So, had an.... experience

I’m brand new here, literally taking my very first steps on this path, my first experience has been contact with an Old One, I’m not certain who exactly, as when I asked for a name, I was told “names are of little relevance, identify as you see fit.” I keep getting images of The Yellow sign, Elder sign, and an octagonal sigil, that I’m unfamiliar with. I’m somewhat uncertain of how to proceed from here, or what materials to pursue, any advice? I’m not exactly purposefully pursuing this path, it just kind of was the first thing to come to me, and I’m getting a sense of the power, and I like it.


Probably Hastur. He is related to the yellow sign after all.

I’m aware of that, it’s the combination of sigils, and the general impression, Hastur typically wouldn’t hide who he is, but Nyarlathotep is known to be a trickster, and it strikes me as the kind of game that might amuse him.

Nyarlathotep is know to be an Asshole. Powerful no doubt but an asshole on occasion.

Just as Azazel has a twisted idea of what constitutes for humor.

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You working out of the Tyson Necronomicon?

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No, straight Lovecraftian lore, and intuition as it currently stands. I was a fan long before I comprehended the actuality.


Nice! You are going about it well, keep doing what you are doing because it’s working for you. They and you will begin to piece things together. Cheers!


My ultimate goal is to get into more theoretical realms of magik. Discover something, as of yet, unheard of.


Oh boy lmao :laughing: you aiming for them deep dark rabbit holes. I recommend working out a good grounding routine early. Will save you alot of time and brain itching.

Edit. They are a blast but can take forever to apply it seems i was hurling myself down those a few times a year and am about to do so with greater frequency and intensity. :laughing:


We got that here, head on over to chaos magick and psionics thread, it’s a good place to start boning up on what you might need for that.


I’ve got one, combination of crystals, meditation, and rest. probably gonna incorporate some candles into my array.

…and time is not a factor, neither is physical death.

thanks man, I’ll head that way.

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Unfortunately untill you manage to navigate and maneuver them in any which way you desire at will they are factors to be considered. I suggest taking a look the kybalion.

Regarding the absolute and relative perspectives one path of this work is to work to become as the old ones, but untill this point is achieved the mechanics of the sphere of reality you occupy must be considered. Lest they give you a reality check.

Well obviously my form is subject to this, I’m very aware of reality, I’m speaking in a broader sense. Basically, it doesn’t matter if I die pursuing this path, my next incarnation will continue.

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Didnt mean for that to sound as snarky as it reads my bad :confounded:, my meaning was as factors that may become navigated and explored via magick. Exploring for example saturns energies can give some insight to this as it has ties to limits,time,death,binding, and banishing to name a few.

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No problems , man, Frankly, I didn’t mean to come off as irritated as that sounds on a second reading. lol.

I think I know what I’ve been talking to, it’s neither Nyarlathotep, nor Hastur, but connected to both. How familiar are you guys with the Nameless Mist? Because aside from the name, and it being a sibling to Nyarlathotep, I’m lost.