So glad to find a group like this

Hi! im new here but ive been on and off practicing my arts. ive cast a few basic spells and would love to expand to greater spells. i could also really use a mentor who can teach me more and answer all the questions i have regarding spellcasting and what not (im still a rookie so please be nice :slight_smile:) i also dont really believe in the 3 fold rule although i know its important to some people but i believe magick knows no bounds. So i definitely need a mentor who is just as likeminded. i dont know what else to say so just chat me if anyone has any questions or would be willing to mentor me



How long have you been practicing?

Do you practice any particular system of magick?

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im not quite sure when but sometime last year i guess? i usually do wiccan but im open to trying others. i just need to study about it first

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I don’t take on students anymore but I’m always available via PM to answer questions and help out if I can, welcome to the forum.

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thank you so much! i’ll definitely come to you if i need any advice :grin:

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Welcome to the forum.