So depressed.. Feel like dying but don't want to

My Christian family is being extra cruel to me, they say that I’m a burden and I have to pay $200 a week for rent now and if I move out they’ll lie to my pagan family and turn them against me. My grandmother cussed me out for making her late to pick up her wine when there was already traffic and made me pay for it. They said I’m a fuck up and wishes I was never born. Just got off work and got cussed out for nothing, what’s to come in history and the future is the the only that gives me the slightest will to live plus to fill my pact and my ancestors pact with lucifer. I feel like I’m on A boat with treading waters that’s having me drift away from the shore

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Excuse me, but are you an adult? I don’t get it why you allow them to treat you like this. Talk back goddammit, defend your self, stop being a victim. Fight for your rights.
Since apparently you have the ability to move out, then move out. I don’t know what do you mean by pagan family (or why your family knows about them and you, I mean, did you thought they will accept it or what?) but if you worry so much then talk to them.
You should have done it already, I don’t understand what family is this if you don’t share what’s troubling you. And if at the end they will believe the people who treat you like shit, then they don’t deserve to be called “family”’.


You can rent a room somewhere for that rate. Move and wash your hands of that trash, ffs.


And tell them to go fuck themselves on your way out…especially granny.


Agree with @Kulina8

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Ok.ill give it a try.

And I just turned 19

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Do you know how to do any freezer spells or at least protection spells?


Their maybe a solution to your problems, their was someone on this forum offering to handle problems, the topic was to do with targets i think his name was mica, he was offering to help just have to pm him with names, i really am hopping this will help, Lucifer bless you.

1 Like me if u need help.

Thank you so much.

I really hope everything goes very well for you, and root out the problems.

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Very, Very true. Someone who wishes so much bad things upon you doesn’t deserve to be called “family”.