So, any suggestions?

I believe it’s time for me to buy a pendant with King Paimon’s sigil! It’ll be good and you can charge it by leaving it in the sun, or in clear, crystalised water (because it’s his element, but preferably, if you don’t have crystals for cleansing, just leave it in the sun to get its energy).

I found this:

I believe it’s good. The color is yellow, which is his color and the quality is excellent as far as the reviews are saying. You can also customize it with text on the back and I’m thinking to put King Paimon’s enn, as another member here suggested.

So, do you have any other better suggestions for a King Paimon’s sigil pendant? Or any notice?

NOTICE: This is not an ad for that product, I’m simply stating that I want to buy it and I want your opinion. There could be something better out there.


you could make your own maybe better

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that one looks good the onebefore my current on is this one 9 PAIMON Demon Seal Pendant Goetia Sigil Necklace Lemegeton - Etsy warning with that one its small and paper inside… dont soak it :stuck_out_tongue:

i currently have this one Seal Sigil of Paimon Necklace With Antique Finish - Etsy

and it holds a charge VERY well

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That is quite nice. I would be proud to wear it, though I have something I made already.

So, a few thoughts on charging an object for use with working with King Paimon, and mind you, this is my own gnosis to be taken subjectively. Water is a great choice. I don’t think it needs to be pure crystalized water, though I have no doubt that He would appreciate the effort. Running water, though, is what I would go with. Both for the symbolism directly related to Him as well as the energetic qualities of moving water. I would go with fresh water sources, not salt. It’s hard to charge anything while salt is sucking the energy out of it. Salt pulls water to it, so perhaps not the best choice for charging with water element.

In terms of planetary forces, I would aim for Venus, not Sol. I understand that he is a “Sun” daemon, but that is more of a guideline for when is best to work with King Paimon than it is an energetic corespondance. He has much more in common with Venus. Helps with matters of emotional understanding? Check. Good mentor for money? Check. A loving being who has a less often seen dark aspect capable of destroying anything in His path? Check. Manipulation of others via thoughts and emotions? Check. And consider all the correspondances and teachings of the divine feminine aspect. Masculine, for sure, but intimately connected to the feminine energies. Balanced, as is any true King. Also, Venus = Water, so there is that as well.


@anon85346918 I’m not really good at making thinks like that.

@RiseorDie I already saw these on Etsy. I don’t know why I ended up on that one. But I’ll think about the second one you suggested.

@Woodsman81 Thanks for the suggestion, I also thought of the water with salt and the effects it would have. But it didn’t cross my mind about Venus. It comes to my mind a lot lately, this planet. I’ll listen to your advice then!

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i was just thinking of making it more personal it does not need to be perfect.

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I’m a perfectionist to be honest. I’d prefer to buy one and charge it with natural energy as long as with my energy. It will still be perfectly made and have my energy in it. And lots of it, since I’ll be wearing it all of the time!


@anon85346918 So, it seems it takes a month or so to deliver the pendant so since I really hate waiting for a whole month, I decided to think of making my own. If I can’t, then I’ll think again about buying it…

The thing is, I’m no blacksmith, nor any artist (more or less). So, I can’t really just…make one.
Any ideas?

When you get a sigil, you could charge it with a pendulum.

Put sigil on the clear floor, hold the pendulum over it and will that you want to charge it.
I state my intention to my pendulum - “It is my will to recharge this sigil.”
It works for me.

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I see, then I put my will along with my energy into the sigil. That’s interesting!

However, I have another problem. On how to make a pendant like that I want to buy. Waiting for a month is too much and I hate waiting. But making my own (since I’m a perfectionist) won’t be easy either. As I said, I’m no blacksmith or anything. So it’s hard…