So an ethereal Vampire bite me last night

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This will be my first written topic in quite awhile but I wanted to write about an experience I had last night. Very surreal.

So I live in Denmark which can become really humid doing the summer. We can have quite the marshlands around here without the magickal beauty of Louisiana or Mississippi. Shame.

But as you could have guessed, last night was very hot and humid. Really a disgusting feeling which doesn’t help when you are trying to sleep. Just you turning and turning and getting more and more annoyed that you can’t sleep.

So whilst I was laying there I had the strange urge to call out for someone to cold my body down. Suddenly I feel a huge bite on my arm, I felt blood pouring out of my arm and spilling all over my bed. Then my bed become cool and as a result my body aswell.

Now as more and more blood poured out from me, my whole body felt… euphoric. As if my body was undergoing a transformation. I was deeply tranced in that state and well… it resulted in me moaning very loudly inside of my head.

I cannot say for sure what happened or whom came to me, but I know this was a Vampiric Embrace. Such a sensational and seductive feeling cannot be mistaken. Beats Marijuana that’s for sure.

Now… I’m quite curious as to was has happened to my body now. Something just feels different as if my has gone into a surgical phase, but alas I cannot say what. Do you have an input as to what that may be or why this might have happened? I’m still quite bamboozled.


Doing a little bumb

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My best guess would be alchemical transformation :woman_shrugging:
As long as you don’t feel drained when you wake up its nothing bad.


Hey MiKu, long time! :wave:

I don’t at all feel drained. In fact I actually feel more rejuvenated today. And I still once in awhile feel bites happening. I’m quite curious as to how this may turn out. This was all just very sudden, I did no meditation at all doing that night and yet it all hit me like a train going on the sound of lighting.


I see. This was a friend. Use what you got from this embrace in your mind’s eye. It will be a fun experience.

I have a feeling it will too. I just had to share it. Never had an experience even close to this.

Please do share it. Not all understand such as you, but we will.

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I will. I’ll write in here with whatever new thing might pop-up related to this.

Btw: I can totally recommend what happened. Got no hungover effects, just afterglow.

Now I am wondering if I’m under a alchemical transformation. Maybe I get some revelations tonight?

I have two opposing thoughts on this. On one hand, certain “vampires” can or will only take negative things. So though they drain you they drain you of what is unnecessary and detrimental.

Along this line it could be an awakening. Every vamp must be “bit”.

On the other hand, whispered feelings tell me a potent enough vampire could easily cause exstacy while draining you of life and energy. The idea with this is that he activates your “lifeblood”, or your soul in a sense, which can be an orgasmic feeling. However this energy that is awakened is rerouted to the other entity.

It feels good now, but after repeated attacks the aphrodesia will wear off. It is exciting to give up control and let yourself be dominated. Giving yourself to instinct. This is what a vampire demands.

Just dont forget they drink your blood.

Personally I would proceed with caution and vigor. Interrogate the vamp and see what it wants.


I was bit by a Vampire in my dream. In my right hand near my thumb.

I had spent a good portion of my life “running” from a vampire. Almost being chased and I always ran out of pure fear. In the dream (about five years ago) I was at the top of a staircase with him and he made the comment “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this” bit my hand and we started descending down to to the floor from the top spinning around as we did (its like we went over the side of the top of the stairs instead of down them. Like floating from the ceiling downwards beside). I remember a spiral staircase and a very Victorian vibe. Like dancing in the air almost. I tend to now have fangs if I have a vampiric dream but have never bitten anyone. I tend more to “threaten” with them if someone is messing with me.

A true Apex predator. If that is indeed the case, my hats off. I’m impressed with that ability, I could use that under my belt. That’s quite powerful.

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Your are saying that you may have transformed in your ethereal state due to your interaction with a vampire in your dreams?

How does that feel like?

Ill be following this thread im interested in this occurence. I dont want to spread fear but something in your post sets off alarm bells for me. It could be nothing though.

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Don’t worry about installing fear in me. I had a crazed ex once, already tasted it;)

There are some etheric entities/vampires who can cause a transmutation of the soul through feeding off the individual. However, into what they are. There’s various types of vampire entities, from Asetians, Sethians, Vetalas, shtriga, dhampir, etc. However, by dream could be a completely different meaning.

Although Sethians and Asetians don’t bite like that, their transmutation is ritualistic.

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My whole experience happened whilst wide-awake. Eyes opened and everything. No audiotorial or visual manifestation though

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I would I be wrong in assuming that Sethians are more reptilian in nature? I mean… The word Set/Seth is there.

No, Setians are not reptilians at all, they are the sons and daughters of the egyptian God Set, they have 3 “bloodlines” however, very similar to the Asetians, the viperines, cocubines, and guardians, the viperines do have a serpentine form but it’s a form they can change into.

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I most admit there are a few vampiric races/bloodlines that I haven’t heard off. Quite intrigued. Always had a fascination with vampires since I think i was about 2-3 years old. Yes, my memories of my early childhood is quite vivid. I even remember the day I was born.

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Transformed? Yeah I guess in some ways I was.
Im darker in personality. Blood still grosses me out a bit. I think im more of a fledgling in comparison though. In dreams im still intimidated by Vampires. If someone is confrontational I will “bear my teeth”. I do walk with a, well vampire attitude I guess you can say. I think I have more huntress/succubus traits now as well. A more seductive nature in terms of my sexuality and how I convey it to men.

I guess there is a difference in how I regard me and others though im not cruel in anyway. But im not exactly “nice” either. Except to those near and dear to me.

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