So, about the process of creating sigils for entities

I was dumbfounded when I realised that not all people who are on the left hand path know how to create sigils for entitties. So I thought that with the blessings of lilith, would reveal to all of those who need it on how to do it:

What you need:

  • Incense
  • Sigil of the entity that you have created
  • Lighter or matches
  • Any possible tools to call upon such entities
  • Candle

Step 1. Call upon the entity and light the candle(you may have to give the entity ask the entity to manifest itself through the flame of the candle).
Step 2. Hold the sigil that you have created in your raised cupped hands and chant:In the name of (the name of the entity), this sigil shall work as a sigil and a portal for (the name of the entity).
Step 3. inhale as you visualise the sigil opening and being charged with energy.
Step 4. light the incense using the flame of the candle and let the smoke consume the sigil(exhale as you do this).

Are candles absolutely necessary?

No, just my preference personally. You can even replace the candle with a pendulum if you want to. Just as long as the entitties answer your summons.

I see. Then I could be doing this all wrong. I only asked because I’ve been reaching out to Aphrodite for the past two nights only through meditation and focusing on her symbol. I’ve only sensed a presence and have not really gotten any queues about my situation.

Do I need more tools?

Here are some points about yor situaton:

  1. You need to awaken all of your astral senses
  2. You need to trust your yorself and your intuition
  3. Unless your intutition tells you so, don´t use extra tools
    4.Correct me if I´m wrong here but If my memory serves me correctly, Aphrodite doesn´t have any universal symbol
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She doesn’t but I still created a sigil using one of her commonly known symbols and gave that a shot.

Nice, I have to admire your creativity. But yeah, the method of which I reveal on creating a sigil for any entitty is just to create a solidified sigil that would also be a gateway to the entity. Other than that if your method works, my post will only will offer little value anybody who has skills that aspect.