So, a new approach to necromancy?

At first I most likely have to tell little bit of back story. I started to practise necromancy approaching through the tree of death. I´ve drenched myself into it intensively and suffered the mental consequnces of it. Though, I don´t regret it at all. Necromancy has offered me pathways that I could never imagine being part of. One of those includes the current of haitian voudoun(greetings from Met Kalfou and Papa legba by the way). You might be wandering where this is going and I will tell you that.

So, back to the present day. I´m surfing through the different path ways of possibility using my necromantic portals and I stumble upon old earth bound spirits that aren´t Loa and they don´t even have any eastern vibe to them either. Turns out that they are native american spirits and I end up talking wit the native american spirits that govern death, chaos, darkness and such. I ask them would they be willing to work with me and the answer is quite a surprising too.

I was asked to approach the native american spirits that govern healing, strength and such. The idea was for me to approach the necromancy through the tree of life and thus I´m also feeling the presense of morrigan and hel. This seems quite interesting if I´m going to be honest. So I guess moral of the story is even those those who steep themselves into more harsher spectrums of death energy have to go back to the tree of life once in a while.