So a few days ago I did a thing

Some background… A buddy of mine was talking about how he basically crowbarred open his third eye chakra with a specific meditation technique that he found in a bluefluke PDF, the one where you basically visualize yourself breathing from your brow as you breathe until your third eye is forced open…

Long story short, I decided to do that meditation for all the main chakras, not just the brow… it opened me up to the world in a way I had never been before, but it also made me really vulnerable for a day or so… I had basically fever-like symptoms as my body adapted to the change, but ever since, I have felt more in-tune with things than ever.

I do a lot of energy manipulation style stuff, because it’s easy and I like direct magick, and I can do it with more potency than ever now. It was a bit of an adjustment period just because of suddenly being completely open to energies like a perfect channel, and the adapting to it sucked major ass, but as I said, I feel a lot more in-tune with things and can do a lot more potent energy stuff…

I’ll keep you posted on things I notice as a result of my thing.


Also, I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the last few days I’ve been waking up precisely at 5:00 AM every morning, regardless of when I get to sleep. I think it might be related, but I’m not sure.

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That is interesting… since I have been evoking/invoking and prying open my third eye I cannot build up energy inside of me, it must be sent directly out as I am now only a channel. And like I said in the other post I am to perform direct magick now as well. My first instructions were to just take away the candle (I have always done candle magick).

Since I started on my best path (ie moving back to the US) I have been waking up super early too. It’s been a year.

I am sure there is no coincidence that I found your post so can you elaborate on what your direct magick looks like? Walk me through it, please. I may find something I need to incorporate.


That’s the result of synchronization with nature its self!

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gather energies, program it, send it.

Visualization helps, but just your intent can do it.


okay lol, well that’s as simple as it can be.
Do you think you have above average ability to focus without distracting thoughts?
Can you actually see with your 3rd eye or astral travel?
And finally, do you find that you need to “set it and forget it” in regards to your magickal working or can you add thoughts to your magick if your mind wanders back to it?

Sorry for the million questions which may seem pointless, I REALLY like details.

Eh, I’m good at focusing thoughts, but I’m also ADHD. I can kinda see and bilocate, although I can’t do true AP. Direct magick from my experience works best as a fire-and-forget style thing, although you don’t have to ‘forget’ about what your working is. It’s best for simple and direct things, like ‘make this person horny’ or ‘heal this cut’ ect.


Hey buddy!!! Can you pm me a copy???

A copy of what specifically?

The pdf


Thank you