So a demon told me this xD

Was meditating , actually had a hard time , anyhow I went in trance was so tierd , then I heard clearly : an angel being choosing the demons path or smt similar , totally unexpected scared the sheet out of me for a split second xD then tried to not loose my focus which ofc I did xD
Any thoughts ?
Don’t rly consider myself an angel being , I’m more in the grey , I actually like to work more with pagan entities like Odin Morrigan ,Innana , so that came as a surprise , didn’t do a evocation with any demons so far , only a petition to bune

Feel that may have been Belial he tries to get my attention every time he can ( insistent mother fooker i give him that :)) )

Also send time I hear an entity , which it’s strange to me a bit xD


odin the all-father is norse , not pagan…

Jus sayin

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I know , xD meant I’m more attracted to the middle side

The term “pagan” refers to non-Christians that practice polytheism, which includes the Norse pantheon.

So on technical level, yeah, Odin would be considered a pagan god.