Snapping Out of It

Hey all, had an awesome evocation today. Probably one of the best I’ve preformed with the tools I have. I was in congress with the entity and totally lost track of time and throughout the experience I felt like I was in that semi trance / “inflamed with prayer” / goosebumps / static feel ( as eloquently as I can put it lol). I’m finally touching on actual visuals in and out which I’m cool with for now (never satisfied :wink: ). Anyway aside from all of the awesomeness, I still feel a “fog brained” not as bad as a hangover but it’s noticeable. Normally this fades after a good 5- 10 mins, but it’s been a good hour now. Has anyone experienced this before? Any tips on “snapping out of it”?

Have a good one!

Yeah, I make or find a really heavy meal, like something fried or a ridiculous burger and use that to “ground” to the everyday world and disconnect yourself from that state. Some people use sex for grounding, but if you view sex as a metaphysical interaction of power that won’t really help you come “down” from another type of magick lol.

Then of course there’s the post-ritual ritual of the Mighty Sandwich.

Lol ahh the mighty sandwich, I had to go burger this time but it definitely helped alot. Thanks !

I’ve been doing this stuff recently: post-evocation grounding through sensual triggering.

It basically has the same physical triggering of nerve endings as sex, without any of the spiritual side (I expect you could figure a way to work a spiritual aspect, under other circs) and I’ve been using it because my Personal Daemon is on a “you are the microcosm of the macrocosm” trip right now :o) and I’m not using any “external” methods for anything.

I’m not sure if it’ll work for anyone else, some people don’t seem sensitive to ASMR triggering, for me this stuff brings me right back into my body in a very energised state.

Sounds like a fun experiment!

I mean, er, magick is serious business!