Snakepit Shrimp Parade 🍤 (Magni's Journal)

I just wanted to have a place to speak my mind, spread some positivity, maybe throw up some poems, talk to you guys and gals, and maybe share some shit about me. If you get the shrimp parade reference, you’re fucking awesome :clap:


I’ve been learning that I really connect to serpent energy. I find it easy to connect with snake deities. So I’d say my spirit animal is definetly a serpent. The idea of shedding the skin is really something I connect to. I’m not really a person that stays the same. Not in a multiple personality way, but it feels like I’m just a non-stop flow of energy instead of a solid body of energy.


Very well said , I agree with that in terms of my path as well,snakes and dragons are th embodying representation of draconian gnosis. My daily work is proceeds by raisin the twin serpents within.:smiling_imp: