Snake synchronicities, very confused

I’ve been seeing snakes everywhere. There was one playing beside our house, but now there’s constitution going on so we can’t see it anymore. I searched through the forum about snakes, but I haven’t had any snakes in dreams. I don’t work with Mother Lilith either, I’ve talked to her a few times but that’s it.

Before snakes, I dreamt of water quite frequently. The ocean, heavy rain, water upto the knees. This, I figured out, but I’m not sure if I understood it completely because I was always of stepping into the water.

It started happening after a meditation with Lucifer, I have described it in my journal here if you want to check it out:

I’ve been seeing snakes very frequently after that.

Snakes aren’t common where I live, so I don’t see them in real life frequently (except the one that somehow found it’s way in our neighborhood).

I sometimes still see a snake staring into my eyes in my regular meditations. It’s very green and dark-colored.

If someone has any tips on how to navigate this, please let me know.


Interesting. Yesterday I also saw a green and black snake, and something told me it was a poison snake that can devour bounds. This is influenced by Rtut, a spirit under King Paimon. @Onion Maybe you should ask Paimon about it.
Edit: I also know that King Paimon sometime reveals himself as sitting on a throne of serpents. Maybe that could be of aid.


But I don’t work with King Paimon either😳 Do I ask him in a meditation? I haven’t done any evocations, I’m working on my astral senses before I do. Plus I still live with my family so I don’t get the chance to give it a try. And we have 3 pets.

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I see. No promises on my end, but I may be able to ask him for you. It’s relevant to myself too, so I’m invested and interested.


Please do, thank you so much! PM me about it.


I think you should look at these snakes more totemically/symbolically rather than trying to equate them with a specific spirit.


Will do. Thank you!

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