Smudge the Universal Circle?

Hello wonderful people,

I should receive the U.C within a week or so.
Can i smudge the U.C with palo santo without removing the demon Malzaz Hyroth?

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Why do you want to smudge it?

because people have handeld the package. from the warehouse up to my front door. i want to transmute those enegies. that might stick to the U.C. i dont want the energies to interfere with my magickal operations.

so i want to know if i smudge the U.C can that cause the bound on Malzaz Hyroth to break?
if so is there a other way to energetically clean the U.C with out causing the bound on Malzaz Hyroth to break?

While it is completely unnecessary, smudging the circle will not do any harm. The mediator spirit is bound to the circle, and it would take a lot more than a mere banishing to break that binding so you’re fine.


@DarkestKnight thank you for sharing your knowledge. you really know a lot, and i’m grateful
for having you as a semi-teacher.

For the binding to break, it would require serious intent and power, or the desire of the bound. If there is neither, then there is no reason to be concerned of it happening.

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Thank you very much for sharing this information.

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