Smoke patterns

Is this happening only to me or is it a natural occurrence? Whenever I see smoke, it will be burning in a strange pattern. I first noticed it when I bought my incense sticks. I read that incense sticks usually burn with the smoke making weird patterns. Then I noticed it wasn’t only the incense, but my candles and the freaking toaster too. It starts off as a thin line of smoke, then it dances to form some circles, then parts as though forming a Y. Each one of my incense sticks burn this way, so for the many months it happened, I thought nothing of it. But I’m beginning to see it everywhere now. I need to check if other appliances do this. Is there a significant meaning to smoke reacting like this? Or is it normal as I keep telling myself?

Incense smoke usually manifest into spirit etc. Maybe there’s a spirit following you? Idk

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And are there any meanings to the patterns? I’m asking this to know if there is a reason they burn in this way. The smoke doesn’t seem to be manifesting into any being. They repeat and repeat until the stick or candle burns out. I should’ve mention that it also happens whenever I burn my pacts and petitions. The smoke from the burning paper does the same as the rest. Could it mean that my desires are manifesting instead of the actual spirit? If not, then what?