Smoke Magick - To manifest a basic desire quickly

Smoke Magick.

This is a very quick way to manifest a desire, now you can use this to manifest a basic desire, so don’t expect to be a millionaire or to kill someone with this basic technique. Smoke Magick is a technique i came across a while ago it manifested my basic desires very very quickly.

Tools required.

The thicker the smoke the better, the longer the smoke lasts the better so i use frankincense resin and a coal. I also use candles which isn’t necessary but is useful. That’s all you really need literally it’s not much.


First of start meditation, invoke whatever power you wish, energize yourself, do this to prepare to the next stage. Relax your body, then look towards the coal hold it in your hand and say

" Be the legs of my messenger ", then breathe on it and pass on a part of your omnipotence into it.

Next take the resin or any incense in your right hand and say
" Be my messenger and carry my desire and make it manifest ". Now breathe on it and pass a part of your omnipotence into it.

Light the coal and meditate just on the hot coal, visualize it burn with the power you gave it burning brightly. Then place the resin onto the burning coal.

Now close your eyes, focus on your desire and your goal, feel the energy and emotion that brings about inhale deeply and visualize the energy of the desire and goal in your chest.

Depending on the goal the energy will be that color so if its money it will be gold or green, if its love or hate or sex or has something to do with lust it will be red. If its protection it will be white, if its something dark then its black, so depending on the task visualize that colored energy.

Now with that energy built up in your chest, exhale and visualize with your eyes open flow into the coal. Then say
" Spirits of smoke ( Say your desire and goal ) carry my power and yours into the world and manifest my goal ".

Now visualize in the smoke, a scene of what you want to manifest, then with your right hand push your godlike power into the coal, then say

" Go now, i bring about change in accordance with will, Go now take this goal and desire through the worlds to manifest in accordance with desire, will and power ".

Then see the power and desire and spirits of the smoke rise and carry your desire into the world. Sit there close your eyes, see your desire happening, know that the change and manifestation is already underway and then say

" and so it shall be ".

Then feel that shock wave of programmed desire, will, intention, energy and power create a beacon of light into the sky carrying your task.

Then simply know and have belief it’s already happening, know that this is already working and trust in it, then let all the smoke carry this goal wait until the coal and incense is burnt out then scatter it outside or bury it.


Conner Kendall.


:thinking: may be able to combine this with planetary and/or elemental evocation for a boost in efficacy and power. I’ll experiment with this later this month and let ya know how it goes. :face_with_monocle:

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Is there something I could use instead of coal?

:thinking: you could try cone incense or powdered herbs and/or sandle wood as the incense.


I bet you could modify it for cone incense. Cones are like the coal and the incense 2-for-1.

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I just tried this with a cigarette. I’ll post the results when they manifest.


Well I can say it works. One of my stresses just went bye bye. I wonder what type of ciggy works best…