Smoke in my house

so I have my step dad saying that my room smells like something is burning or smok like tobacco smoke. and that he has smelled it for months. I don’t burn stuff inside so I’m comfused. he also said that were I go and around me he smells this burning smoke. I do work with demons I have for a long time. can demons be the reason why my room smells like something is burning or why three area around me smells like something is burning.

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Yes, demons can bring the smell of brimstone (sulphur) and of burning tar.


how do i get rid of the smell without telling the demons to leave

Difficult I would imagine. They can also bring a generally unpleasant odour and the smell of “funeral flowers” (as it has been described to me). If they stay - you get the smells.

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why can’t I or my mom smell this but only my step dad

He might be more susceptible to it.

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i see has it ever smelled like tobacco to any one

tar and sulphur? Look at a packet of Marlboro and read the ingredients.


good to know thanks why is the smell on me or around me? some people like my smell

Not on you personally. If you have demons (hate that word) around you they can generate an aroma like that - perhaps your step dad is picking up on that?

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i hate the word to its a discriminatory word I prefer ancient one but like lillith and Lucifer have sweet smells and I haven’t had a smell stick around like this

some ancient ones revel in the smell of tar - no way of knowing - but energetically sd is picking up on that smell - I wouldnt worry about it

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earlier a voice whispered to me saying that I will kill you

female voice

I note you have a big pipe in your profile pic :slight_smile:

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and i dont know what demon work you have been doing

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cigar not a pipe but I do have a big pipe at home. I also said that I would kill Jehovah so maybe ask angel has come to try to stop me

I doubt that. But why do u hate God?

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cause of what church did to me as a kid what people have said to me in the name of god. what people have done in the name of god

I get it

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