Smoke for entities

what is the best smokes for a succubus?

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Define smokes. Do you mean tobacco, marijuana, incense, etc?

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what would you use to make the smoke?

for entities!

of course but what physical object would make the smoke, like cigarettes or incense etc.

something that smells Girly. Like flowers???!!!

The “smoke” always comes from a burning source that has set it on fire. As the saying goes : There is no smoke without fire.
So, not knowing what you want burned for the “smoke” is enough … contradictory and funny. Or are you talking about “entity smoke” ? There, I think no one will be able to help you :new_moon_with_face:

No, come on, more seriously here is incense :

There, an essential oil vaporizer (I use one for my succubus, I use the lavender personnaly, but do not put too much otherwise the room smell horribly strong):


And then, as Thomas said, you have all the other sources, marijuana, tabacco, etc.

One last thing, you talk about entities, and as you look new to me, I wanted to know if you knew the difference between entity and mind, it’s important, you’re may using the wrong term to talk about your succubus :thinking:

A spirit is a consciousness, a spirit formerly coming from something alive but it’s actually dead. So a spirit is dead ; only one part of the entity remains, this is the spirit.
An entity as for it’s the set of properties that constitutes a being, so when we speak of an entity, we speak of a living being, but living in another plane of reality.

The nuance is to be grasped :face_with_monocle:

For having already burned flowers, it doesn’t smell very good. It just smells like “burning wood” :ok_hand: