Smoke Coming out of me

Ok i tried my first time candle magick today
And when i was just at the 1st step (imbue the candle with your desire) it took quite a long time about 5-10 minutes
But while doing that as the title says i can notice smoke coming out of my hands and then as i continue it slowly coming out of arms as well any idea what it is

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You said that you saw smoke coming out of your hands?

Uhhh… typhokinetic? Lol I’m not sure. Sometimes people’s energy manifests in different ways as they perform magick

Smoke coming out of hands? Thats called “Smoking Drugs Energy.”

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Yeah i was staring in the candle trying to visualize my goal
Then suddenly i can see smoke coming out of my hands 1st it was just my fingers then my hands then my whole arm

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Seriously im asking a serious question and this is your answer

Of course =) I find it quite entertaining.

Its probably the spirit of King Paimon as smoke is related to fire and it is normally the first element of manifestation for demons.

It seems unrelated why would king paimon manifest while im doing candle magick

Probably because of your profile name. The first thing to do is factor out the obvious. Spirits however do manifest in smoke, mist, fog, etc. Its a fairly common experience to percieve things with psychic ability.

So are you going to fight me on this for asking a dumb question or what? Because its a fairly common experience to manifest and percieve things with psychic ability.

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Im not but its just weird to me
I think it wasnt king paimon probably just a spirit

Other thing
I was trying to do it again this morning… It happened but not as strong as yesterday it was just one finger… And it wasnt long as yesterday either just 2 seconds