Smellin sulphur

Last night while wandering around the house working, i walked right into what smelled like someone took a whole box full of wooden matches and struck them leaving that impossible to miss smell of freshly burned sulphur, it even seemed to follow to a couple of rooms as I went all over looking for the highly unlikely burning box of matches in the house. I found nothing of the kind. But I did call upon Belial- as I walked, chanting his Enn and asking if it was him and is there something he wants of me since we have a Constant Companion pact arrangment. nothing. i called upon Lucifer, same process, but without a pact connection, but He has been clearly pretty active in my life, but he was without reply. So I am now wondering if perhaps it is Abigor Eligos, as I have been working hard to reconnect with him, really hard, rattling every tree and bush I can think of, asking anyone I can think of, and working mini invokation and Evokation rituals before retiring for bed- and try to fall asleep while chanting his Enns.
Today while driving to the post office, in my closed car and my dog by my side, POOF!!! though I again did not see any cloud you could never tell me i was not in the middle of a concentrated cloud of sulphur just burned! It remained a good while even after opening the window for my dog to enjoy the wind. Did the same as last night, calling, enns, hello-who wants to chat? nothing,at least that I could gather while driving-[i am in clarksville TN- max attn is needed at all times!]
So clearly something is up and someone wants my attn. Does anyone know if Abigor Eligos, would use such techniques? Belial, Lucifer? Any other ideas?
I am planning a small riitual tonight, and using my pendulum, [hope she remembers me!] but will try to use it to find out who is calling and why.
I would love to have any advice or ideas.

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I would simply make an incense offering and evoke said entity to enjoy the offering and to come into your temple, then begin the communication.